Patch Groups

Patches belonging to a specific category, can be grouped together, so that they can be managed effectively. Each custom patch group will be represented by a name, and all patch management operations like adding downloading patches, deploying patches, adding patches to another group etc. can be done for this group.


For example, say you want to manage all the Critical patches for the Internet Explorer 6 software installed in your enterprise. You can create a group called 'IE_6_Critical' and associate all patches for IE 6 from  to this group. From the custom patch group view 'IE-6_Critical' you can manage these patches.


Follow these topics to work with Custom Patch Groups :

Creating & viewing patch group

To create a patch group follow these instructions :

Viewing patch group

Working with patch group

The following are the operations that can be performed from Patch Group views :

Displaying systems affected by a patch


In order to find which systems are missing patches from the group; select the desired patches from the list and click on the "Deploy" button. This will display a screen wherein you will be able to deploy a patch to multiple systems (1 patch to many systems) and any number of selected patches to multiple systems (many patches to many systems), by choosing from the . Note that this list is based on the latest scan results in Security Manager Plus.


For more information on installing patches, refer Deploying Patches section.


Deploying patches /patch groups to system groups


To deploy patches in a group to system groups or to deploy entire patch groups to system groups, select the patches and click on the 'Deploy to Group' button. This will bring you to a screen from where you can select from a list of system groups to which the chosen patches need to be applied. More than one system group can also be selected.


Deploying patches to a system


Click on any patch name in the group list and you will be led to a screen where the systems/assets that miss this patch, will be listed. From here, you can deploy the patch to these assets. 


Downloading patches present in a group


To download the patches in the group (if they are not already available in the Security Manager Plus server), select the patches of interest and click on the "Download" button.


Adding patches to other patch groups


Patches in an existing patch group can be included in other patch groups, by clicking on the 'Add to Group' button.


Deleting patches from group


In order to delete patches from a particular group, select the patches and click on the 'Delete from group' button.


  • Associating Patch Group of Exclude Type with Assets or Asset Groups

    In order to associate patches from a particular group with Asset and/or Asset Group, click on the appropriate Action icon and select the assets/group


    Exclude Patches from the Scan Results and Reports

    The following steps can be followed to exclude patches from the Scan Results and Resports for Assts / Asset Groups :

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