Vulnerability Groups

Vulnerability Groups are logical grouping of vulnerability knowledge base. You can form vulnerability groups from the existing list of vulnerability test cases based on risk level, vulnerability type or services affected.

View vulnerability groups

To view the list of all existing vulnerability groups, 

Actions from this view

Create custom vulnerability group

You can create your own custom vulnerability groups, from the existing vulnerabilities list that Security Manager Plus maintains in its vulnerability database, based on type, risk and service affected. To create custom vulnerability group follow these instructions :

Viewing Group Details

You can view the information about each and every vulnerability associated to a vulnerability group, like Risk level, Vulnerability description, CVE ID. You can choose to view the different vulnerabilities under each group by selecting the group name from the 'Show Vulnerabilities in' drop-down menu to the right corner of this screen.


Actions from this view

Viewing affected hosts & details for a particular vulnerability


Click on the Short Description link against each vulnerability to view the complete description of the vulnerability and its remediation solution if any, along with the list of hosts it affects.

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