Custom Reports

Customization is simple as Security Manager Plus provides report customization templates, whereby report sections can be added, removed or re-ordered. The amount of technical detail can be adjusted, allowing reports to be tailored for any target audience.


Security Manager Plus provides report customization templates that can be used to generate new custom reports or even modify existing reports. In order to create custom reports in any of the following two ways :

Editing existing report template

From the list of predefined report templates (except Executive & Remediation Report), you can edit the properties (or reporting criteria) for any of the reports and save them as a new report template. For this, click on the Reports tab --> click on the Edit Template link against the report type of your choice, alter the reporting criteria next and save the template by providing a different Report Title.


Creating new custom report template

For this, access the Reports tab --> click on the 'New Report' button here to view the report customization template. From here, select the report criteria of your choice and and save the new custom report template. All reports generated in this report's name will match the criteria specified.


The following are the details available to choose from in the template :


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