Task Status

Task Status presents a list of all the recent vulnerability management tasks that have either been performed or scheduled for execution. To view the task details and the task status of all operations, visit Admin tab Task Status


Each operation is associated with a unique task ID which forms an easy reference at any point.  From this view, you can get to know the creation time of each task, its completion time, the type and status of the task and information message.


For more info on each task, click on the Task Name link in the Task Type column. This will lead to the 'Task Details' with specifics about the particular task. You can filter based on the Task Type from the drop-down menu provided above the table. 

Deleting Tasks

The tasks listed in the Task Status view can be deleted on selecting particular tasks from the list and clicking the 'Delete' button. This will remove all references of the task from the system - be it a 'Completed' Task or a 'Scheduled' Task.



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