New Scan

How to launch a scan using Security Manager Plus ?

As already mentioned in Asset Scans assets that have been previously discovered  can be scanned from the Assets page itself using the 'Scan Selected' link, after selecting the desired IP Address / DNS Name, which takes you to the 'Scan' page.


You can also initiate a New Scan for your network assets by clicking the 'New Scan' link present in the left hand side of the Scan page, which takes you to the 'New Scan' page. Fill in the details required for  the New Scan.

Required Details for New Scan (and even for New Schedule)

  1. In the Scan Name field, enter a descriptive title for this task. This will appear in the scan report summary and on the Scan Status  page for quick identification.
  2. For the Scan Inputs field , do one of the following:
  3. Select from the list of Vulnerability Group. By default ' Complete Scan ' is chosen.
  4. Select from the Credentials drop-down list .For more details on credentials refer Manage Credentials .
  5. Selecting Notify on Scan Completion option lets Security Manager Plus send e-mail notification to the given Email id about the completion of a scan based on the selected Criteria (as given below in Step 7).
  6. You can also let Security Manager Plus Generate Ticket On Scan Completion. By selecting this option Security Manager Plus can send an e-mail to the configured Trouble Ticket E-Mail ID, based on the selected Criteria (as given below in Step 7).
  7. Criteria for e-mail notification  and ticket generation:
  8. You need to select Schedule this Scan option only if you are planning to perform a scan at a later time. For details refer Scheduler.

Once all the necessary details required for a New Scan have been give, click Scan button. You will see a Vulnerability Details view indicating Scanning in Progress for mentioned hosts .


To know the status of the scan visit InProgress Scans and Completed Scans .


Click here to know more on the results of the scan.

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