Contacting Technical Support

In case you have any technical difficulties in using the Security Manager Plus software, any queries on the product functionality, features that you would like to see in the product or any other concerns, you can e-mail the Security Manager Plus Technical Support team at :

Using the Feedback Form

Every page in the Security Manager Plus Web UI has a link named "Feedback". Clicking this will invoke a mail submission form using which you can post any feedback on the product. An e-mail will be sent to Security Manager Plus's support mail ID.

Using the Support tab

You can also visit the Support tab, from the UI and use the facilities available there to contact Security Manager Plus Technical Support team. The various options available are :

Security Manager Plus Information

In the Support page, you can also view some diagnostic information to assist you in reporting problems with necessary details.

* JVM Memory Information of the Security Manager Plus server
* Security Manager Plus server system information
* Security Manager Plus server installation information
* General Product Information like version number and build number

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