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ManageEngine Security Manager Plus


As part of our constant endeavor to offer better value to our customers, PatchQuest gets a face lift and is now Security Manager Plus - Standard Edition. Explore the 'power' of Security Manager Plus to meet your patch management needs.

Security Manager Plus - Standard Edition Highlights
  • All features of PatchQuest
  • Linux patch management
  • Windows 2008 support
  • Windows 64-bit support

EOL notice

  • End-Of-Life has been declared for SecureCentral PatchQuest versions 4.x, and older with effect from September 25th, 2008
  • Support for SecureCentral PatchQuest version 4310, is available to customers for a period of 1 yr from the above date
  • ManageEngine Security Manager Plus 5.x (Standard Edition) is the current active version

If you have any queries regarding the transition, please feel free to contact


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