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Active Directory Password Audit

Active Directory password auditing tool

One strategy hackers might use to subvert the security of a network is by obtaining access to users' Active Directory domain accounts through cyberattacks like brute-force attacks and password spraying. For years, the common tactic admins have taken up to detect attacks like these is manually auditing the password-based authentication attempts made by users. Though effective, manually auditing is time-consuming and complex.

ADSelfService Plus helps admins with Active Directory password auditing by providing detailed reports like the User Attempts Audit Report, Soon-to-expire Password Users Report, and Password Expired Users Report via its out-of-the-box Reports tool.

Soon-to-expire Password Users Report

This report audits the following details:

  1. The display name and SAM Account Name of each Active Directory user with a soon-to-expire password.
  2. The date on which their current password was set.
  3. The date on which their current password will expire.

Soon-to-expire Password Users Report

Password Expired Users Report

This report audits:

  1. The display name and SAM Account Name of each Active Directory user with a soon-to-expire password.
  2. The date on which their expired password was set.
  3. The date on which their password expired.

Password Expired Users Report

User Attempts Audit Report

This report is useful in determining why a user's account was locked out by providing details on:

  1. The number of attempts a user makes to log in to the ADSelfService Plus self-service portal using their Active Directory password.
  2. The date and time of the login attempts.
  3. The status of the login attempts.
  4. The machine and IP address from which the attempts originated.

This report is useful in determining why a user's account was locked out.


Identity verification failures:

These audit reports provide details on:

  1. The number of unsuccessful attempts made by users while proving their identities.
  2. Users who have been locked out repeatedly within a fixed duration and subsequently blocked. If the admin finds it to be a legitimate lockout, they can unlock the user from the same report screen.


Admins can view the above report for a default period or a custom duration.


Active Directory Weak Password Users report

The Weak Password Users Report generates a detailed list of user accounts with weak domain passwords by comparing them against a list of vulnerable and commonly used passwords. Admins can then force these users to change their passwords the next time they log on.


Ensuring Active Directory password complexity

Using an effective password auditing tool to monitor users' Active Directory password authentication is just the first step of a two-part process. The next step is ensuring the use of strong passwords.

ADSelfService Plus helps admins ensure users are setting strong passwords during password resets and changes across their Active Directory domain and cloud application accounts. Admins can create multiple custom password policies based on users’ privileges, and enforce these policies based on organizational units and groups.

With ADSelfService Plus, administrators can:

  1. Restrict the number of special characters, numbers, and Unicode characters in passwords.
  2. Enforce a password history check during password resets, and restrict the consecutive repetition of a specific character from the username (e.g. “aaaaa” or “user01”).


  3. Restrict keyboard sequences, dictionary words, and palindromes.
  4. Specify the minimum and maximum password length.
  5. Offer visual feedback on a user's password strength during password resets and password changes.

Utilize advanced password policy settings and ban common words, patterns, etc.

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