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Self Password Reset. Self Account Unlock. Self Directory Update Solution
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Admin Screenshot

The following screenshots provides a glimpse on the Admin login of ADSelfService Plus where the administrator can configure settings for an end user.

Configure settings for end user to self reset password Configure settings for end user to self Unlock Account Configure settings for end user to self Update Personal Details
Reset Password Configuration Unlock Account Configuration Self Update Configuration

 Set question and answers for validation e-mail all users in Domain to enroll with ADSelfService Plus Configure the Active Directory attributes/fields the user can update on their own
Question and Answer Settings Enrollment Settings Self Directory Update

Summary of password reports, audit reports , enrollment status in ADSelfService Plus Schedule mails to notify users on password expiry
Dashboard Password Expiration Notification  

Domain User Screenshot

Domain User login screenshots provided below shows the various activities like Question and answer configuration , password reset, Account Unlock and Self Updation of his own Active Directory Information.

Define your question and Answers to perform reset password or unlock actions Screen Authenticates Domain User This validates your answers with questions
Enrollment Self Reset Password Security Question & Answer

Change Domain user Password Update your personal information in Active Directory Add/Remove Voucher to Reset Password and Unlock Your Account
Change Domain Password Update Directory Information Add/Remove Voucher

Reset Co-Worker Password Unlock Co-worker Account Domain user login
Reset Co-Worker Password Unlock Co-Worker Account Self-Service Login

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