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City of Grand Rapids

A 1200+ sighs of relief for the IT department at City of Grand Rapids with 'Password Self Service' by ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus!

CUSTOMER: City of Grand Rapids

INDUSTRY: Administration

LOCATION: Michigan, U.S.A

ABOUT CUSTOMER: City of Grand Rapids oversees the administration of Grand Rapids, a city in the U.S and the second largest city in the state of Michigan, located on the banks of the Grand River, also known as 'Furniture City'. The city has the highest number per capita of buildings that comply with the standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Grand Rapids is known for its 'Big-city excitement and natural splendor'! Through several Green development projects, the City of Grand Rapids has managed to strike a harmonious balance between two contrasting qualities - cultural sophistication and small-town warmth! Besides being the proud orchestrator of this 'near-perfect environmental fusion', the 1200-strong city administration 'City of Grand Rapids' also bridges the divide of lack of information, by making it accessible online and promoting it for the benefit of residents, travelers and curious alike!

"We chose ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus, because it provided the much needed 'password self service' tool at the right price, crucial for our 24/7 city administration. The deployment is extremely simple, and very cost effective, and we have had some very good success with the product."

- Jason Poort, Systems Engineer.

Business Needs

'City of Grand Rapids' wanted a web based self service solution that paved way for the 1200-strong administration team to manage their account unlocks from their desktops. Incidents where users locked down their accounts were so commonplace and frequent, that Grand Rapid's IT department found themselves spending a major portion of their business day "unlocking accounts" - a secure account unlock system had become a paramount need!


ADSelfService Plus with its web based password self service solution, empowered the employees in password management and account update, without the need for Helpdesk's aid:

  • Self Reset Password / Unlock accounts without Helpdesk.
  • Users Update/Modify personal info in Active Directory real-time, i.e. continuous update of data by all the users in the domain.

Needless to say, administering an economically diverse 1 million community is an uphill task, without the need for added stress of 'locked out accounts', sparking tension and crippling critical duties.

ADSelfService Plus provides a platform for password reset self-serve, by allowing users to formulate alternate identity markers 'security question and answers' and authenticate using the set identity markers. The solution helped to lessen the pressure on the on-call personnel. ADSelfService Plus has a host of features that are vigil upon the software installation in order to ward off unwarranted threats. An administrator on the other hand can make avail of the many security features and enforce them for a more enhanced security. Despite providing all these measures, the product is simple, because at the end - it is all about end-user self-service.


Other than benefiting from the prerequisite requests:

  • Self password management portal for domain users.
  • Manage Account Unlock.
  • Update Personal information on AD.

City of Grand Rapids also gets to gain from:

  • Reduced critical password tickets.
  • Reduced demanding accounts unlock tickets.
  • Notify users via email of their soon-to-expire passwords.
  • Minimize Helpdesk time and workload.
  • Identity Verification by Secret Questions (Password Policy).
  • Generate User list and account status reports.
  • Address Identity Management Password Challenges using Self Service.

About ADSelfService Plus


ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based password reset program for domain users to perform self-password reset, self-account unlock and self-update of personal details in Active Directory. It helps on a large scale to eliminate the leading source of helpdesk calls and associated expenses by automating password resets and account unlocks thereby optimizing employee productivity. Learn more about ADSelfService Plus from our website.

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ManageEngine provides a suite of powerful Enterprise Management products, including network utilization, performance, security, helpdesk management, email archive management and real-time QoS management among others, aimed at making your business more effective and efficient. With a wide array of products that can be easily integrated, enterprise wide optimization is easily possible. Complementary products provide users with the ability to choose and incorporate features that they need a la' carte!

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