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ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus vs Ithicos Solutions

The prime objective of a password self-service solution is to allow end-users who have forgotten their passwords or have been locked-out of their accounts, to securely reset their passwords and unlock their accounts without helpdesk intervention. ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus and the suite of products from Ithicos solutions serve this purpose. The following comparison juxtaposes the features of these two solutions to help you make an informed decision on which software best fits your business needs.

Key differentiators that set ADSelfService Plus apart from competition like Ithicos Solutions:

Multi-platform Password Synchronizer: Sync password between Active Directory and a wide range of cloud applications and on-premise systems such as Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce, IBM i Series, and Oracle DB.
Password Expiry Notifier: Send reminders to users to change their passwords before they expire. This feature is 100% free for unlimited users.
Multi-factor Authentication: ADSelfService Plus supports multiple authentication techniques such as Google Authenticator, SMS/Email-based verification codes, etc., to verify users’ identities before they are allowed to reset their own passwords.
Mobile Apps: Native Mobile Apps for Android & iPhone for password self-service ‘on the go’.
GINA/Credential Provider & Mac OS X Support: Log in agents for all versions of Windows and Mac OS X allows users to reset their password and unlock their account from the log in screen of their own machines.
Automatic/Forced Enrollment: Enroll users without their intervention by importing enrollment data like challenge questions and answers, mobile numbers, email ID, etc., from a CSV file or force them to enroll when they log in to their machines.

Key Features ADSelfService Plus

Features Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus
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Ithicos Solutions
Password Reset Users can reset their forgotten passwords without calling helpdesk    
Account Unlock Users can unlock their locked out accounts without calling helpdesk    
Password Expiry Notification Notify users to change password before it expires    
Real-Time Password Change Notification Notify users as and when their passwords are chaged/reset natively in Windows    
Directory Self-Update Users can update their profile information such as contact number in Active Directory    
Password Synchronizer Synchronize Windows password changes with onpremise and SaaS applications    
Mail Group Subscription Users can opt-in or opt-out of Distribution Groups all by themselves    
Directory Search Users can search for their colleagues information    
Organization Chart Users can find their own or other users’ position in the organization hierarchy    
Change Password Users can change their password from anywhere, anytime    
Automatic Password Reset and Account Unlock Automatically reset password when they expire and unlock accounts at scheduled intervals    
Graphical Dashboard Easily get a quick overview of users’ password status, and other crucial information    
GINA/Credential Provider and Mac OS X Login Agent Users can access the selfservice portal from the log in screen of their Windows/Mac machines    
Android and iPhone Native Mobile Apps Android and iPhone apps for ‘on the go’ password reset and account unlock    
Multi-factor Authentication
Available authentication techniques Authentication techniques available to verify users’ identities Challenge Questions, Email & SMS-based OTP and Google Authenticator Challenge Questions only
Enrollment Options
Force enrollment Users can be forced to enroll when they log in to their system    
Enrollment reminders Users can be asked to enroll by sending them an enrollment reminder via email    
Auto Enrollment Import enrollment data from a CSV file and enroll users without their intervention    
External Database Support Reuse Security Q&A data of users from your inhouse database  

(Supports Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL)


Directory Update and People Search

Features Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus
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Ithicos Solutions
Customize Self-update layout Ability to customize the selfupdate layout including the fields and its values  

(Can be done using product interface)


(Requires manual editing of XM

Photo Update End-users can updated their photos    
Supported Field Types Support for various field types such as text and drop-down menu Text, Drop-down box, Checkbox, Radio Button Text, Drop-down box, Checkbox
Read-only and Mandatory fields Mark fields as read-only and mandatory    
Force users to update Ability to force users to update mandatory fields when they log in to the product    
Validation Assign validation format for fields such as phone and email    

(Email validation is now supported)

Default Value and Help Text Assign default values and provide sample texts for each field    
Directory Update Email Notification Notify users about the changes they made to their attributes via email    
Available Search Options Objects that can be located using Directory Search Users, Contacts, Groups Users only
Search Criteria Ability to narrow down search results using filters    
Export Search Results Ability to export search results    
Embed Directory Search Ability to embed Directory Search in any web portal    

Security and Convenience

Key Features Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus
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Ithicos Solutions
Built-in SSL Support Secure communication between web browser and password selfservice server    

(SSL must be enabled in ISS server)

Password Reset/Account Unlock Email Notifications Notify users via e-mail & SMS upon successful password reset / change / account unlock  

(Supports both Email and SMS)

Enforce Password History Enforce Active Directory Password History Settings during password reset    
CAPTCHA Verification A challenge-response test used to determine whether or not the user is human    
Restrict Inactive Users Restrict disabled, expired, deleted user accounts from using the application    

Additional Features

Features Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus
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Ithicos Solutions
Independent of Installation Prerequisites Application can be installed without any prerequisites    

(Requires IIS Server, ASP.NET, .NET Framework 4.0)

Multi-language support Built-in support for multiple languages  

(Supports 17 languages)

Integration with other applications Avail self-service password reset & account unlock from other applications OWA, SharePoint, Citrix Not Known
Rebranding Customize the self-service portal with your own name, logo, etc.    
OU and Group-based feature restriction Restrict features to certain users based on OUs and Groups   Not Known

Reporting Capabilities:

Features Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus
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Ithicos Solutions
User Action Audit Reports Reports on user actions, their password status and more    

(only a TXT file with logs is available)

Password and Account Status Report Reports on users with soon-toexpire passwords, locked-out users, password expired users    
Enrollment Status Report Report on users’ enrollment status    
Export Reports Reports can be saved for later use in a target file format such as HTML, PDF, CSV, etc.    
Reports Scheduler Scheduler to create and send selected reports via email    
OU Level Reports Customize reports view from domain based to OU based    

Can the solution be considered value for money?

Component-based pricing model
The Standard edition starts at $ 595 for 500 users

The professional version starts at $ 1195 for 500 users.


  • Ithicos Solutions is found severely lacking in the password self-service department. Single-factor authentication is passé and it is no longer viable. It also lacks many enrollment options that will determine the success of the self-service solution by ensuring user adoption. Even some basic operations like customizing the self-update layout requires you to manually edit some XML The above provided comparison is based on readily available information on competitors’ website as on 10th April, 2015. The data provided might vary in the actual product. files. Finally, it only has limited auditing functions to keep track of user actions and lacks reporting capabilities.
  • On the other hand, ADSelfService Plus has a simple interface, lots of features, and easy-to-use customizing options. Multi-factor authentication ensures security of the password self-service operations. Customizing the self-update layout, generating and exporting reports, enrolling users, etc., is possible through the product interface itself. It supports multi-platform password synchronization, password expiry notifications, mail group subscription and many other features too.
  • Moreover, in ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus all the features come bundled in a single solution. Whereas, Ithicos Solutions has 3 different products that you need to install.
  • It is clear from the above comparison that ADSelfService Plus is vastly superior to Ithicos Solutions in terms of both feature set and the ease with which the product can be set up and customized.




What customers say about us

  • CAMH will be able to save close to $26,000 a year on service desk calls related to Active Directory password resets and locked accounts, and will see a return on investment within the first six months of product implementation.

    Judy OlivierProject Manager, CAMH

About ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus is from the ManageEngine family where we are continuously dedicated to providing quality products and are constantly involved in adding new features and enhancements. ADSelfService Plus facilitates a switch between ManageEngine products using a Jump to option ADManager Plus and ServiceDesk Plus.

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