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Why ADSelfService Plus for single sign-on?

  • SSO privileges based on OU and group membership

    With single sign-on (SSO) support for over 100 applications, you can granulary control which users get single sign-on privileges based on their OU and group memberships. 

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  • SSO for service provider (SP) and identity provider (IDP) initiated flows

    With ADSelfService Plus, you can reap the benefits of single sign-on with support for both identity and service provider-initiated flows. Active Directory credentials act as the identity provider and the supported applications are the service providers.

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  • Two factor authentication support through a variety of mechanisms:

    ADSelfService Plus ensures security for single sign-on processes and keeps the procedure simple. You can enable two-factor authentication through Duo Security, RSA SecurID, RADIUS, an SMS/email-based verification code, and Google Authenticator.

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  • SSO support for custom SAML 2.0 applications:

    ADSelfService Plus supports single sign-on for more than 100 applications, as well as any other SAML 2.0-based application. Whether it's an internally developed application or third-party cloud application, if it supports SAML 2.0, ADSelfService Plus has it covered.

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