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An enterprise
single sign-on solution

One-click access to all applications from a secure portal

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An SSO solution for cloud applications

As organizations adopt cloud applications in droves, users have to enter more passwords throughout the day just to complete their work. For effective user identity management, your organization should adopt an efficient and secure approach to manage users’ passwords. ADSelfService Plus is an enterprise single sign-on (SSO) solution that provides users seamless, one-click access to all SAML-enabled cloud applications with just one set of credentials.

With ADSelfService Plus’ SSO,

you can minimize password security issues, increase productivity, and ease identity management
challenges while also enhancing user experience.

Benefits of deploying an SSO solution


Decreased costs

Reduce costs related to password reset tickets by enabling users to log in to just one portal to access all required applications.


Streamlined user experience

Empower users to adopt more applications with simplified, one-click access.


Faster IT integration

Ensure faster integration of acquired businesses or partnerships with the existing framework of your organization.


Seamless, one-click access to all apps

Users simply need to log in to ADSelfService Plus, which acts as the identity provider. Once logged in, users are presented with a dashboard that lists every cloud application they have access to.


With just
one click,
users can access each application without having to enter their username and password again.


Secure cloud apps with multi-factor authentication

ADSelfService Plus protects access to cloud applications with a separate,
customizable multi-factor authentication setup.

When SSO is enabled, users can either

Log in to ADSelfService Plus, go to the Applications tab, and click the application to gain access to it.

Go to the login page of the application, be redirected to ADSelfService Plus, and gain access to the application once the identity verification process is successfully completed.


Use existing identities in
Active Directory

With ADSelfService Plus, you can easily use Active Directory identities to set up single sign-on for cloud apps. ADSelfService Plus utilizes users’ existing identities in Windows Active Directory for authentication, saving time that would have otherwise been spent on setting up new identities for users and removing any dependency on password vaulting tools for storing additional passwords. It also uses organizational units (OUs) and the group structure in Active Directory to granularly control access to cloud apps.

Policy-based access control

Control who accesses which cloud applications by creating policies based on Active Directory OUs and groups. You can create multiple policies and restrict access to critical business applications to only users who need them. For example, you can create and enforce a policy that provides access to sales applications only for users in the sales OU, and another policy that provides access to finance applications only for users in the finance OU. You can also restrict or allow access to different enterprise applications based on the user’s location, IP address, device used, or time.


Other highlights of
ADSelfService Plus


Self-service password management

Enable users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts without involving the help desk, anywhere at any time.

Directory self-update

Allow users to update personal information in Active Directory, leaving the help desk free to focus on more important tasks.

Password Policy Enforcer

Ensure strong passwords that are equipped to fight dictionary attacks, brute-force attacks, and other password threats.

Password Synchronizer

Sync the Windows Active Directory user password across various platforms automatically, eliminating password fatigue.

Multi-factor authentication

Enforce secure machine logon, application logon, and VPN logon with over 15 authentication methods that can be configured in minutes.

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