Help Desk Assisted Self Password Reset & Account Unlock

Take control of users' self-service actions with approval workflow

ADSelfService Plus, the web-based self-service password management solution, allows help desk technicians and administrators to review and approve end-users' self-service actions such as password reset and account unlock. By enabling approval workflow for self-password reset and self-account unlock actions, help desk technicians gain the ability to verify users’ identities. A set of Active Directory attributes-based security questions such as ​What are the last five digits of your social security number?, What time of the day you were born?, etc., is used for identity verification.

A help desk software with approval workflow feature such as ADManager Plus is required for the review and approval process.

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How it Works

Here's how the 'approval workflow' model works

Steps to Integrate
ADManager Plus with ADSelfService Plus

Click here to learn the steps involved in configuring the Self-Service Approval Workflow feature.

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Ensure security
and consistency

Take control of users' self-service actions and ensure that they are handled in a secure, consistent manner.

Significantly reduce
IT service request calls

The cost associated with users calling the help desk for booking IT service requests is significantly reduced.

OU and Group-based

You have the option to give certain users, like those in managers OU, a pure self-service experience by excluding them from self-service approval process.

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