15,000+ customers trust ADSelfService Plus to simplify
password management.

The ADSelfService Plus advantage.

  • Eliminate password reset tickets.

    Securely eliminate password-related help desk calls by combining password self-service with multi-factor authentication.

  • Provide flexible access.

    Access the password reset/account unlock portal from users' mobile devices, the login screen of their workstations, a web portal, etc.

  • Update the locally cached credentials.

    Enable remote users to force an update of their cached AD credentials from their Windows login screen.

  • Secure Windows logons with 2FA.

    Protect your organization's resources by securing every remote and local access to Windows with 2FA.

  • View audit reports.

    Generate reports on users' password self-service activities, send instant password reset alerts to users, and more.

  • Send real-time alerts.

    Send password reset and account unlock alerts to users instantly via email, SMS, or push notification.

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