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IBM i/AS400 Active Directory Integration

The IBM AS/400 Server, renamed as 'eServer iSeries/400,' is a mid-range server designed for use in small businesses and departments in large enterprises. It has now been improved to work well in distributed networks. Different Passwords in Active Directory and IBM servers increase the likelihood of users forgetting one or even both the passwords. Calling the IT team to reset passwords will increase the workload on the IT team.

The best and simple solution would be to deploy an Active Directory Password Synchronization Tool that would sync the changes made to Active Directory passwords to IBM servers. ManageEngine's ADSelfService Plus provides Real-time password sync for IBM AS400 and several other on-premises and cloud applications. Doing this will allow you to change passwords simultaneously across all applications

How to integrate IBM i/AS400 with Active Directory for Password Sync?

Users have to remember more number of passwords in a corporate setup. With different password complexity requirements in each application, remembering different set of passwords is a hassle for both users and administrators alike.

Why ADSelfService Plus?

  • Unlike other password synchronization solutions, ADSelfService Plus lets you reset your IBM password, unlock your account and change your IBM password directly from your mobile! ADSelfService Plus is the complete on-the-go password management solution for your password troubles.
  • With ADSelfService Plus’ real-time password sync agent, a change made to your password in Active Directory is synchronized with the IBM Servers in Real-Time!

Automatic IBM Password Synchronization:

When users reset their lost Windows Active Directory Passwords with ADSelfService Plus, the new password is automatically synced with their IBM accounts. Users can log on to the IBM servers with their Windows Passwords.

This way, users are freed from having to remember a multitude of passwords for their different accounts.

Self-service IBM i/AS400 password reset:

An additional advantage is that with this tool, the users can change or reset just their IBM passwords without changing their AD password. ADSelfService Plus provides users an option to reset or change the password of their Windows AD environment and/or all connected applications. This feature facilitates users to change only their IBM machine passwords without having to change the password of their AD environment or any of the other connected cloud or on-premises application.

Benefits of IBM password synchronization at a glance:

ADSelfService Plus’s Password Synchronizer for IBM i/AS 400 will help you:

  • Implement a secure, robust, cost-effective one-identity solution in no time
  • Reduce the major source of helpdesk calls and free up IT administrators to focus on other important tasks
  • Ensure that users’ passwords for the IBM systems are changed at the same time as their AD passwords
  • Make the life of end-users easier by freeing them from having to remember a multitude of passwords

Sync Active Directory password changes to IBM server accounts using ADSelfService Plus.

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