Setting up a password that is secure, for every application, is quite a difficult task. Even more difficult is having to remembering all the passwords of both on-premises and cloud applications. With the increasing list of applications required to be used on a daily basis, the probability on a daily basis, password-related help desk tickets also increases.

We are here to not only help you deal with password-related help desk tickets, but also simplify users’ login process with the help of our real-time Active directory based password synchronization solution.

Join this webinar to learn the trade of "One identity with one password"

  • Password synchronization between Active Directory and other applications like Office 365, GSuite, Salesforce etc.
  • Password reset via Ctrl+Alt+Del screen and ADUC console using password sync agent
  • Granular password policy specific to Active Directory based OU/groups
  • Keeping track of password changes with built-in reports

All this and much more with our unified self-service identity management solution.