Organizations today use a mix of applications to keep their business running. An application like Salesforce takes prime importance even within the mix. Administrators and analysts use Salesforce almost every day and hackers constantly try to compromise the password of such an application to access its data. Organizations are hence, forced to strike the right balance between security and ease of use.

The right way to achieve this equilibrium is to mandate complex passwords by enabling real-time password synchronization between Active Directory and Salesforce.

Join our webinar if you want to learn how to :

  • Synchronize passwords between Active Directory (AD) and Salesforce.
  • Use organizational unit or group membership and enable restricted access to password synchronization.
  • Use different attributes to link accounts between Active Directory and Salesforce or other applications for password synchronization.
  • Provide simple, secure and consistent access across popular business applications like Salesforce.
  • Save your help desk from password-related service calls by empowering users to reset their own passwords and notifying them before their passwords or accounts expire.

We will be your guide to Active Directory-based password synchronization. Register now and be a part of the transformation.