Automated Billing

Keep track of your services for accurate billing.
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What is automated billing for MSPs?

If you're like most MSPs, tracking and billing for the services you offer is one of the biggest hurdles you face. Maintaining multiple accounts using different tools can make it difficult to accurately bill customers for services. Automated billing allows services to be organized, monitored, and invoiced promptly upon their completion.

Why is automated billing important?

Manual billing across accounts can be chaotic, especially for an MSP such as you, who handles multiple clients. An automated billing tool that is integrated with the service desk will pave the way for streamlined processing of invoices and bills, and will make sure your billing is accurate.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for billing and invoicing.

The billing feature in ServiceDesk Plus MSP lets you manage service plans for multiple accounts, using accurate billing. You can automatically invoice your clients by creating customized service contracts with them, automate the generation of bills, define unique service plans, and do much more with the highly customizable Servicedesk Plus MSP software.

Postpaid Service Plan in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Service Plan in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Top Up Plan creation in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Top Up Plan in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Work Log creation

Work Log in ServiceDesk Plus MSP



Customize service plans for clients. Experience billing made easy.

  • Set up predefined service plans for clients.
  • Define the plan type, bill cycle or period, allowance, and usage charges for each plan.
  • Control service requests by blocking new requests when the fixed quota is reached.
  • Charge clients based on services provided with the technician work log feature.
  • Add incidental charges such as travel expenses, spare parts, etc. to each request for accurate billing.

Set up service contracts with clients. Build customer relationships.

  • Create contracts with specific service plans for each client (account).
  • Renew contracts whenever required, and maintain records of expired contracts for future reference.
  • Get notified when contracts draw near expiration.
  • Maintain details on the taxes and discounts for each contract.
Billing automation

Contract billing in ServiceDesk Plus MSP



Bill Rule configuration in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Bill Rule in ServiceDesk Plus MSP



Automate bill generation. Save the time spent on creating recurring bills.

  • Allow technicians to keep track of time automatically through work logs, thereby improving their overall productivity.
  • Generate bills easily for each client, automatically.

Create and print out job sheets easily. Prepare your technicians for client site visits.

  • Record all details pertaining to a customer's request in customized job sheet templates.
  • Print out job sheets at the click of a button.
  • Check the history of requests on the spot and get approvals from clients easily.
  • Take advantage of multiple job sheet templates for different support activities.
Job Sheet in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Job Sheet in ServiceDesk Plus MSP