Attach Documents


    To attach documents,

    1. Log in to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Assets tab in the header pane. This opens the Asset home page.

    3. Select Asset Component link under the resource block on the left hand side of the page. Select the corresponding component say, keyboard. This opens the Component  list view page.

    4. Click the Asset Name of the asset to which the document needs to be attached. This opens the Asset details page.

    5. Click the Actions combo box on the top right hand side of the page -> select the Attach Documents option. This opens the Attach File pop up window.

    6. Choose the file to be attached by clicking the Browse button. The maximum size of the attached file can be 10 MB.

    7. Click Attach File. The attached document will be listed in Asset details page under Attached Documents. The attached file can be deleted by clicking the delete icon deleteiconbeside file name.






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