Attach Component

    To attach components to an asset,

    1. Click the Assets tab in the header pane, this opens the assets home page.

    2. Select the IT Assets link under the Resource block on the left hand side of the page. Select the corresponding IT Asset link say, Printers, Access Points and so on. This opens the IT asset list view page.

    3. Click the Title of the asset to be attached with an component. This opens the asset details page.

    4. Click the Actions combo box -> select the Attach Component option from the list. This opens the Attach Component pop up window.

    5. If you would like to display the list of all components or filter specific components then select the components to be displayed from the List combo box. Ex: keyboard, mouse and so on. Also select the type ofcomponent such as component in store, in use and so on from the of type combo box.

    6. You have two columns, such as Component list and Attached Components list. You have to select the components to be attached from the components list and move it to the attached components list using the >> button. To remove the component from the attached component list use the << button.

    Example: If you would like to attach a keyboard and a mouse to a workstation then select the list of components to be attached from the component list and move it to the attached component list.

    1. Save the changes. If you would like to detach all the attached components then select the Detach All option. 


    The component(s) are populated based on the account selected. 


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