Bulk Scan of Newly Added Workstation


    Using this option you can scan a new workstation added to the domain for its hardware and software details. This is very useful when you have to scan a single or a set of newly added workstations. In such case you don't have to scan the entire domain for adding the workstations to the network.


    To Scan New Workstation,   

    1. Click on the Assets tab in the header pane -> click the Workstations link under the Resources tab on the left side of the page. This opens Workstations list view page.

    2. Select the Workstations to be scanned by enabling the check box -> Click the New Scan button next to the Actions menu. This opens the Scan Configuration page.

    3. Specify the Site and Name/IP of the workstation. This is a mandatory field.

    4. Select the log-in credentials for the workstation by selecting either of the two radio buttons. Say Global or Local credentials. By default Global Credentials option will be selected.

    Global Credentials

    1. Select the Scan type from the combo box. Say Domain mode or Network mode.

    2. Select the Domain/Network name from the combo box. This is a mandatory field.

    3. Specify the Login Name and Password for the selected domain.

    Local Credentials

    1. Specify the local Login Name and Password.

    2. Select the Protocol to connect it to the workstation by enabling either of the two radio buttons. Say SSH or Telnet.

    3. If you would like to scan software in Linux workstation then select the corresponding check box. 

    4. Click Scan to scan the workstation. Else click Cancel.



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