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ServiceDesk Plus

    Prepaid Top Up


    Top Up Plans

    Top up plans are used to add allowances for existing or expired contracts. You can apply top up plans to active contracts if the service plan is under the prepaid billing mode. Top up units are taken based on the service plan associated.

    To add a top up plan,

    • Go to Admin>> Billing>> Top Up Plan>>Add New Top Up Plan.
    • On the Add Top Up Plan page, specify the Top Up Plan Name, Description, Price, and Top Up Units.

    • Enable the Associate future Service Plans option to automatically associate future service plans with a top up plan.

    • Click Save.


    Applying Top-Up

    • Go to Admin>> Billing>> Contract Billing and select from any of the active contracts.
    • This opens the Contract Billing page.
    • Click Top Up to display the list of available top up plans.
    • Select your top up plan from the list.

    Points to note

    Top up only increases the allowance, not the validity.

    Top up units are applicable only for the current bill cycle of a contract.

    The allowance configured in the top up plan will be added to the total allowance allocated for that billing cycle of the Contract.

    Unused/remaining units of top up allowance will be carried forward based on the service plan configuration.

    Associating a service plan with a top up plan

    • Go to Admin>> Billing>> Top Up Plan and select any of the top up plans to open the Edit Top Up Plan page. 
    • Click Associations on the top left of the page to open the Associate Service Plans window.
    • Choose the top up plans from the list.
    • Click Save to associate a service plan.



    Points to note:

    SDAdmin can configure top up plans that are applicable to a service plan.

    Service plan and top up plan configuration can be done in service plan form and top up plan list view.

    Top up plans with zero (0) top up units will not be mapped to a service plan of its type. 

    Top up is not allowed for a service plan of Fixed Charge Type. Associating top up plans to such service plans is not allowed.



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