Loan registry

    From Loan Registry you can create a new loan, return a loan, and view all loans.

    Click on Assets >> Asset Loan >> Loan Registry which displays the Loan Registry page.
    Asset loan is categorized into three statuses.

    • On Loan - Assets which are on loan.

    • Expired - Loaned assets that have exceeded the return due date.

    • Closed -  When a loaned asset is returned, the status will be considered as closed.

    • Click on New Loan to create a loan and Return Loaned Assets to return the loaned assets.
    • Assets can be added under New Loan/Return Loan sections by scanning the asset's barcode or by searching the asset.

    A loan may contain a single asset or multiple assets.

    Clicking on a loan from the Loan Registry provides an option to extend or return a loan. There are two options to extend a loan.
    Extend: To extend the duration for a particular asset that is on a loan.
    Extend Loan: To extend the duration for a particular loan that includes multiple assets.

    Email User(s) option helps you send notifications to users.


    Users can configure Notification Rules under Admin >> Notification Rules >> Asset to notify the users when the below operations are performed.

    • When a new loan is assigned.

    • When a loaned asset is returned.

    • When the loan period of an asset is extended. 

    • To notify technicians and asset owners when the loan period for the asset expires.

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