ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP is a comprehensive help desk and asset management software application that you can use to manage your company’s and your clients' IT infrastructure queries. This help desk provides MSPs an integrated console that allows you to monitor and maintain IT requests of users across organization (accounts) and provide IT infrastructure related support. In addition, MSPs will be able to track organizational needs through asset management, increasing productivity.

    Account Management

    MSPs manage multiple organizations as an account on a common platform. To meet this unique need, ServiceDesk Plus MSP is thoughtfully designed with unique features that will ensure quality services for your customers. You can protect your clients' data, provide security and visibility, and maintain contacts. In addition, ServiceDesk Plus MSP provides account/organization level customization.
    ServiceDesk Plus MSP offers the following functionalities:
    * Request
    * Solutions
    * Projects
    * Billing
    * Change
    * Problem
    * Assets
    * Purchase
    * Contract
    Configuration Management Database
    * Reports
    * Integrations



    The request module functions as the help desk where the IT requests from individual users are fetched, tracked, technicians assigned, and solution provided.


    This module serves as the knowledge base of your help desk that's easily accessible to both your technicians and end users. Technicians can easily log the resolved issues and convert them into articles.



    This Projects module allows you to create, edit, and maintain your projects.


    ServiceDesk Plus MSP offers automated billing that allows services to be organized, monitored, and invoiced promptly.


    The objective of Change Management is to ensure that standardized protocols are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes. This is to minimize the impact of change-related incidents upon service quality and consequently to improve the day-to-day operations of the organization.


    Problem Management helps minimize the impact of incidents and problems on business due to IT infrastructure incidents. In addition, it allows you to find the root cause of issues to avert recurrence of the incidents. 


    The Assets module offers a single view to track and manage assets, across accounts, efficiently. 


    Here you can create new purchase orders and track them until delivery. These purchase orders are archived for future reference or audits.


    This module holds the details of the asset contracts between an account and its vendor(s).

    Configuration Management Database 

    Configuration Management Database (CMDB) lets you track and manage all your configuration items (CIs) in a single console. It supports a vast IT structure where the interrelations between the CIs are maintained and supported successfully. It's the CI relationship that makes the CMDB an effective decision making tool, besides be an impact and root cause analyzer.


    ServiceDesk Plus MSP provides GUI-rich reports that help evaluate the efficiency and productivity of your IT help desk team.


    ServiceDesk Plus MSP helps you integrate with third-party software applications. By default it's integrated with Zoho(CRM/Books/Invoice), Zoho Reports, Analytics Plus, Quick Books(Online), and XERO.


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