Integration - QuickBooks

    QuickBooks synchronization is driven by QuickBooks Web Connector.

    While configuring this integration, it is recommended that you login to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP from the system, in which QuickBooks is installed. This is because:

    • A configuration step requires installing 'QuickBooks Web Connector' on the same machine, where QuickBooks is installed.
    • Another step requires selecting the QuickBooks company file [full file path] to which ServiceDesk Plus - MSP needs to synchronize.


    Steps involved to establish QuickBooks integration

    1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using the Username and Password of an Admin user.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. Under Integrations block, click QuickBooks quickbooks-icon. The Integration - QuickBooks configuration wizard is shown.


    Follow the below configuration steps one-by-one:

      1. Select the modules that you wish to synchronize between ServiceDesk Plus - MSP and QuickBooks:

        1. Click the Select Modules button. A new window opens up.

        2. Choose either of the modules Account <-> Customer or Worklog <-> Invoice.

        3. Select the Enable Integration checkbox, to proceed with the integration.

        Account <-> Customer:

        • This module allows synchronization between ServiceDesk Plus - MSP accounts and QuickBooks customers.
        • Choose the Type of Transfer. Click this link to know what 'Account Transfer' and 'Data Priority' choices mean.
        • Use the Accounts To Transfer filter to synchronize only selected/filtered accounts.
        • The Map Fields section can be used to link-up specific fields in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP accounts and QuickBooks customers.


        Worklog <-> Invoice: [You need to first enable "Account <-> Customer", before enabling this]

        • Worklogs can be periodically exported from ServiceDesk Plus - MSP to generate invoices in QuickBooks.
        • Periodicity allows you to export worklogs daily, weekly or monthly.
        • You can choose ServiceDesk Plus - MSP modules like Request, Problem, Change, Projects, from which worklogs need to be exported.
        • Worklogs To Export allows you to filter worklogs, you wish to export by 'Worklog Type'.
        • Worklog Type should be mapped to Item in QuickBooks, so that worklogs are created as appropriate items.
        • Invoice Line Item Description can be custom generated using field.
        • Worklog time gets exported as Invoice line item quantity. This can be exported as either hours and minutes, or minutes.
      2. Download and install QuickBooks Web Connector on the same machine where you have installed QuickBooks:
    1. QuickBooks Web Connector provides an interface for ServiceDesk Plus - MSP to communicate with QuickBooks. It needs to be installed on the same machine where QuickBooks is installed. 
    2. Download and install QuickBooks Web Connector that is compatible with the version of QuickBooks that you are using.
    3. You can download QuickBooks Web Connector by visiting
    4. Enable the checkbox, once you have finished installing the QuickBooks Web Connector.
      1. Generate and download .qwc file that has configuration parameters, which allows QuickBooks Web Connector to connect with ServiceDesk Plus - MSP:
    1. Click the Generate .qwc file button. The below window pops up.


    1. Provide the location of your company file [.qbw] to generate the .qwc file.
    2. Make note of the password that gets displayed.
    3. Add this .qwc file to the QuickBooks Web Connector.
    4. Choose to allow access to your company file, even if QuickBooks is not started.
    5. Set up an interval at which the QuickBooks Web Connector will contact ServiceDesk Plus - MSP and synchronize data.
    6. Provide the password generated by ServiceDesk Plus - MSP to the QuickBooks Web Connector.

    After generating the .qwc file, launch the QuickBooks Web Connector, click Add an Application and select this generated .qwc file. Follow the on-screen instructions in the QuickBooks Web Connector to complete integration setup.

      1. Additional Configuration:

        1. Select the Timezone of the machine, in which ServiceDesk Plus - MSP is installed. [Note: Ensure that proper time and timezone are set on the machines, where QuickBooks and ServiceDesk Plus - MSP are installed]
        2. Enable detailed logging during QuickBooks sync, if required.
    1. Once you are done with all the above configurations, click Save.


    Note: You need to run ServiceDesk Plus - MSP on a Secure HTTPS connection, to enable QuickBooks integration. If you want to bypass this restriction, follow steps provided in this thirdparty page:

    Please be noted that this way of bypassing security restrictions is not recommended. Use this only for testing.



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