Viewing Workstations Based on Filters


    You can view a selected list of workstations by applying various filters on them.


    To view workstations list based on preset filters

    1. Log in to ServiceDesk Plus MSP application using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Inventory tab in the header pane.

    3. Click View Workstations link in the View block on the left side, or click Show All link in the Workstation dashboard.

    4. Just above the workstation list, you will see the Filter Viewing: combo box. From this combo box, you can choose to view either unassigned workstations or all workstations. Using the unassigned list of workstation, easily estimate the number of unassigned workstation and also find out the workstation that can be used for allotment to users of departments.

      Preset Workstation Filters
    5. Selecting a domain name in the Domain combo box lists the workstations from that domain.

    You can also use advanced filters to view the workstation list. For advanced filter settings:

    1. In the workstation list view page, click the Advanced Filters link beside the Filters Viewing: combo boxes. The advanced filters options are displayed instead of the simple filter options.

    2. The first combo box in the above image lists all the probable workstation attributes based on which you can set the filter criteria. Choose the filter criteria from this.

    3. The second combo box gives you options for matching the filter criteria to the search string that you will enter in the text field following it.

    4. Click Filter. The results matching the filter criteria are displayed.



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