Assign a support group/technician to a problem  

    Each problem will be handled by a support group and a technician from the group who would be responsible for closing the problem.


    To assign a group or technician to the problem,

    1. Click the Problem tab in the header pane.

    2. Click the Title of the problem for which you have to assign a group or technician.

    3. In the Problem Details Page, go to Actions > Assign Owner.

    4. Select the Site, Group, and the Technician from their respective drop-down menu and click Assign.



    1. Alternatively, you can also assign the group or technician using the inline edit option.


    Assign Problems in bulk  

    You can also assign more than one problem at a time to a technician.

    To bulk assign problems to technicians,

    1. In the Problems List View, select the problems to be assigned to a technician using the checkbox(es).

    2. Select the technician from the drop-down menu and then click Assign. 



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