Exporting Report as PDF


    You can export the report as PDF and save the PDF version of the report for future reference.


    To export a report as PDF

    1. Generate the report that you want. To know how to generate a report, refer to the Viewing Helpdesk Reports and the Veiwing Asset Reports topics.

    2. In the report view, click the Export as PDF link available at the top right corner of the report block.

    3. If you have a PDF reader (Acrobat Reader), you will be asked if you want to open the document in your default PDF reader. Or else, you can choose to save the PDF document to your disk by selecting the Save to Disk radio button. If you want to open the PDF in a PDF reader, then leave the default selected option as is.

    4. Click OK. The PDF document is opened in your default PDF reader.

    5. Save the PDF document for future reference.



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