As organizations transition towards a digital workspace, managed service providers (MSPs) can no longer afford to simply close tickets. MSPs have to deliver a consistent employee and workspace experience through effective IT strategies and service delivery practices. And as MSPs focus on service delivery, profitability is also a key driving force for them. MSPs need the right set of technologies and tools that will help them design, deliver, and manage IT service management (ITSM) practices for their clients in a profitable manner.


Though most MSPs are equipped with an IT service desk tool, it might not meet all their requirements as these solutions are often designed for internal IT teams. However, IT service desk software built exclusively for MSPs provides the following advantages, helping MSPs gain a competitive edge.

Client management software

Effective client management

An IT service desk tool designed for MSPs helps with managing multiple clients from a single interface. MSPs can also set up client-specific user databases, workflows, processes, and configurations to ensure effective service delivery. With the IT service desk tool, MSPs can further personalize the self-service portal by rebranding it for each client.

MSP profitability

Increased profitability

As MSPs deliver new services, resolve incidents, and implement changes for their clients, it is also important that they track the effort spent and bill their clients accordingly. IT service desk tools built for MSPs typically come with built-in time tracking and invoicing capabilities that allow MSPs to generate invoices based on each client’s service contracts.

IT service delivery

More efficient IT service delivery

MSP-ready IT service desk tools with capabilities like field service management and timesheets help MSPs effectively manage and allocate their resources across their clients spread out geographically. Client-specific automations ensure effective service delivery and reduce operating costs.

Best MSP software

Key MSP-ready features in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Account management

As an MSP, you have to manage clients that have multiple contracts, service-level agreements (SLAs), and work processes. ServiceDesk Plus MSP enables you to manage all of that from a single console. Organize and manage all of your accounts’ contacts, and scan, discover, and manage each client’s assets easily. Configure business rules to direct tickets to the right technicians and groups, set up unique SLAs for each account, manage service plans for each account separately, and a lot more.

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MSP account management
Billing system software

Billing and contracts

ServiceDesk Plus MSP comprises an out-of-the-box solution to help you bill clients accurately. Create predefined service plans for your clients, send and receive alerts when an account's contract is about to expire, and bill clients automatically. All this saves you time by minimizing recurring tickets and removes the need to juggle multiple software for billing and invoicing purposes.

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ServiceDesk Plus MSP lets you customize each account with the client organization's brand logo and header image. This allows your technicians to easily identify the account they're working on. On the client’s end, you can customize the application to match their branding when using the self-service portal. ServiceDesk Plus MSP provides you rebranding capabilities for each account to help you improve the user experience and make the application easy to use for your technicians.

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Rebranding your business
Time sheet software

Time Sheet

ServiceDesk Plus MSP gives you a consolidated view of the time spent by technicians on various activities upon submission of their time sheets. In this view, you can check out individual activities as well as overall time spent and separate billable time from non-billable hours. Since time sheets are approval-based, nothing will be missed.

You can set a daily, weekly, or monthly time period for time sheets, along with hourly goals for technicians. You can also extend the Time Sheet capabilities to payroll and resource management.

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In ServiceDesk Plus MSP, the Reports feature presents the most relevant data in the most easily digestible format, such as tabular or matrix. Utilize predefined reports or create custom ones to meet your particular requirements. With the interactive dashboard functionality, you can create customized reports based on a number of parameters.

To keep all shareholders in the loop, you can schedule and share these reports in different formats, such as PDF, XLS, CSV, and HTML.

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Servicedesk Plus MSP reports
Business metrics dashboard

MSP Business Dashboard

ServiceDesk Plus MSP comes with a live, out-of-the-box dashboard consisting of all the essential service desk and business metrics, such as revenue, customer satisfaction, billable and non-billable hours, and technician productivity, in the form of widgets. These widgets can be visually configured with a variety of chart styles. You can also give people access to the MSP Business Dashboard based on their role.

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ServiceDesk Plus MSP comes with powerful integration capabilities and many native and third-party integration options for 360-degree management of your clients’ IT. With ServiceDesk Plus MSP, you'll be able to route incidents, reports, notifications, alarms, and alerts to the right technicians. You'll also be able to provide excellent remote monitoring and remote solutions to the issues faced by your clients.

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ServiceDesk Plus MSP integrations
Field service management software

Field service management

With ServiceDesk Plus MSP, you can effectively manage techs in the field by pinning their locations in Google Maps or Zoho Maps from the ServiceDesk Plus MSP console. Say goodbye to unnecessary or canceled trips.

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