Purchase order management

Gain greater control and visibility over your IT purchases.
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What is purchase order management?

In any given organization, routine IT purchases are processed in huge numbers. The easiest approach to track and manage purchases is to keep tabs on purchase orders. As an MSP, you know how tedious managing purchase orders can be if it has to be done manually for every account. Therefore, a tool that integrates purchase order management with the basic IT help desk is a service delivery staple.

Why is purchase order management important?

Organizations make many purchases on a regular basis. As an MSP handling multiple accounts, you need a comprehensive purchase order management tool that allows you to track IT spending for each of your clients. More importantly, you need a streamlined system to record, track, and manage purchase orders for every product purchased for each client. Such a tool will aid the regulation of IT purchases and the organization's IT budget.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for purchase order management.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP meets all of your purchase order management requirements. You no longer need to struggle with duplicate requests for purchases, misplaced invoices, or private transactions. With ServiceDesk Plus MSP's purchase order management feature, you can automate purchasing processes and purchase order filing, create product catalogs, describe products with fine-tuned details, associate vendors with products, and more.

 Purchasing approval software for MSPs


Create an easy-to-use product catalog. Manage clients' budgets like a pro.

  • Design a product catalog, divided up by product type, for quick categorization.
  • View a clearer picture of purchases by adding vendor-product-price associations for products in each account.
  • Associate the purchase order ID of each purchase with the relevant technician to create ownership.
  • Keep tabs on vendors' turnaround times for processing purchases to prepare for future purchases.
  • Track purchases closely to avoid incomplete purchase orders.
  • Record invoices and payment details in the purchase order for future reference.

Automate purchase order creation. Pave the way for smart purchase management.

  • Send custom email notifications and keep your users informed.
  • Instantly check the status of the assets by creating custom ping tests.
  • Automatically create child request based on the specific field value in the parent request.
  • Set "due by" time of any request based on SLA configuration
Automated purchase orders