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What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8.1? (Build Number 8100)

Features in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8.1 (8100)

Billing Module

You can now automate your billing process. With Billing Module you can:

  • Create Service Plans
  • Set up Account Contracts
  • Capture the number of hours worked and additional charges in worklogs
  • Automate the bill generation
  • Create Ad-hoc bills

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-3113: 'Suggested Owners' are not listed in Workstation Auto-Assign
  • MSPSDP-4784: Cannot edit technicians when there are a large number of technician groups
  • MSPSDP-4828: Mail Fetching stops while processing a request conversation in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4879: Requester cannot close a request using 'Close Request' link in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4880: Mail sender info in technician notification is incorrect in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4944: Domains are not listed in login Page for technicians
  • MSPSDP-4946: Tasks created in a request disappear in certain scenarios

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8004? (Build Number 8004)

Enhancements made

  • MSPSDP-2542: Ability to choose 'Account' variable in notification templates
  • MSPSDP-2699: 'Site' field can now be imported from LDAP
  • MSPSDP-2705: Notification template content for requester notifications can be customized for individual accounts
  • MSPSDP-2743: Request's account details can now be viewed from within a request
  • MSPSDP-3841: Hide/show support tab only to technicians with chosen roles [Eg: SDAdmin]
  • MSPSDP-4625: Support to mark conversations private
  • MSPSDP-4658: Compatible AssetExplorer for 'Distributed Asset Scan' can now be downloaded from the product itself
  • MSPSDP-4674: Trigger surveys manually
  • MSPSDP-4894:Ability to configure "Requires on-site visit" in tasks.

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-2733: 'Sender does not contain' rule in spam filter does not work when 'sender' is configured with more than one value
  • MSPSDP-4413: Other account domains are shown in account specific login page when a username from another account is typed
  • MSPSDP-4535: Able to configure 'Incoming Email Address' as the 'Support Email' under MSP Organization details
  • MSPSDP-4610: Junk notification filter does not work on notifications sent for request conversations
  • MSPSDP-4613: 'Organize task' window in incident template does not show all the tasks configured for the template in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4615: Certain translation issues in 'Brazilian Portuguese' are fixed
  • MSPSDP-4631: Unable to reset site option to 'Select a Site' in service template
  • MSPSDP-4633: Able to save MSP Organization Details with invalid data
  • MSDSDP-4641: Unable to generate API key for technicians in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4646: In request list View 'unassigned requests' are not shown in bold in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4647: Service template associated with a particular user group is not displayed for users in the user group in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4683: Cannot update a request if site name contains single quote
  • MSPSDP-4701: Cannot import requesters through CSV in certain scenarios

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8003? (Build Number 8003)

Issue fixed

  • MSPSDP-2566: Request update notification is sent unnecessarily on closing a request
  • MSPSDP-4023: When two requesters in a site have the same name, request is always created with the first user
  • MSPSDP-4340: Category/Subcategory/Item are not sorted alphabetically in IE9 & Chrome browsers
  • MSPSDP-4567: Cannot generate custom report when the report's filter has the same column in both 'Group by' and 'Order by'
  • MSPSDP-4568: When a new user sends an email and if the setting "Do you want to provide login access to users created through e-mail requests?" is set to 'NO', the user is created without a site/account.
  • MSPSDP-4569: When the setting "Do you want to process emails received from new email addresses?" in Self Service Portal settings is set to 'NO', new requests are not created if a user sends an email from his secondary email address
  • MSPSDP-4571: Cannot start the product as a service on a windows machine after restoring a backup taken from a linux set up
  • MSPSDP-4585: Categories are not populated in 'New Incident' page when any of the categories contain umlauts characters
  • MSPSDP-4592: Solution cannot be viewed, if any of the associated account is deleted
  • MSPSDP-4615: Some of Portugese(Brazilian) translation issues are fixed
  • MSPSDP-4624: When re-importing from LDAP, already configured users are moved to the default site
  • MSPSDP-4625: When replying to a request, cc address is not populated if the request's account does not have support email address
  • MSPSDP-4634: Deleted users are shown in contract notififcation list
  • MSPSDP-4635: Cannot select users for contract notification in firefox and chrome browsers
  • Chrome Issues:
    • MSPSDP-3592: Auth error thrown when a user tries to update his details
    • MSPSDP-4321: Unable to create service templates

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8.0? (Build Number 8002)

Issue fixed

  • MSPSDP-4551: Solution search does not work
  • MSPSDP-4558: Cannot add technican groups for an account that has all the sites in refer settings
  • MSPSDP-4563: Request issues in chrome browser
    • Conversations do not load.
    • Spot and Inline edits do not work.
    • Could not attach a file.
  • MSPSDP-4564: Links in notifications are sent with 'http' even if the server is configured on 'https'
  • MSPSDP-4565: Could not generate certain custom reports when there are a large number of sites in the application

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8.0? (Build Number 8001)

Issue fixed

  • MSPSDP-4554: Groups and Sub-Categories are not listed while creating / editing requests in some scenarios

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8.0? (Build Number 8000)

Service catalog

Service catalog is the list of services that you provide to your accounts. With the service catalog module, you can:

  • Offer different services to different accounts
  • Create and group services into service categories
  • Setup an SLA for each service that you offer for each account
  • Offer services to different 'User Groups' within accounts
  • Setup additional fields similar to requests

Technician auto-assign

  • Automatically assign requests to technicians in a round-robin manner or based on their workload
  • New requests can be automatically assigned to technicians thereby reducing the burden on your helpdesk co-ordinator

User groups

Group requesters in your account to different user groups allowing you fine-grained control over the following modules:

  • Announcements - thereby making announcements account based
  • Request and service templates
  • Solutions

Agent based scanning

  • Deploy agents on your end users' machines to reduce burden on the server
  • Agents have the ability to push only 'delta-changes' thereby reducing network utilization and providing faster scans

Integrate with Desktop Central MSP

Desktop Central allows you to manage desktops and perform operations such as:

  • Installing and uninstalling software
  • Patch management and service-pack deployment
  • Enhanced remote desktop
  • Apply uniform policies for users, groups, firewall, security, power management, environment variables, printers etc.

Other enhancements

  • Requests
    • Linking requests: Link multiple requests together which allows you to copy resolution, worklog and notes from the parent request to the child [linked] requests
    • Support for request closure code when closing a request
    • Searching a merged request ID will bring-up the parent request
    • Stop timer when waiting for approval: Option to stop the timer when a request is sent for approval
    • Option to reopen/create a new request/append as conversation when a requester replies to a closed request
    • Site details of a request can be viewed from the request details page
    • Create SLAs to take into account weekends and holidays
    • If a technician replies to a notification mail[using his e-mail client] and includes the requester e-mail address in the to/cc list, that reply will be considered as response for the request. It will be added as conversation and if it is the first response, first response time for the request will be set
  • Dashboards
    • Predefined dashboards with predefined widgets
  • Software
    • Separate dashboard page for software
    • Support for different license types like OEM, concurrent, free, named user
    • Store license agreement information from different vendors
    • Import license details from CSV files
  • Purchase order
    • Additional purchase order states - Ordered, Invoice received and Payment done
    • Configure mandatory fields that need to be filled before closing a purchase order
    • Invoice and payment details can be added to a purchase order
    • Configure individual tax rates for different items purchased as part of a single purchase order
    • Configure a purchase order approval limit for requesters and technicians
    • Reconcile assets received as part of a purchase order and those discovered during asset scan
  • REST API: API module enhanced to support REST API
  • Auto Sync distributed scan data: Data scanned using remote asset explorer installations are automatically pushed to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP server at periodic intervals
  • Backup technician: Setup a backup technician to take care of requests when the originally assigned technician is on leave
  • List logged-in technicians: View technicians currently logged-in to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP server
  • Security: MSPSDP 3863 - Technician / Requester login will be disabled after three consecutive login failures. They will be automatically enabled after 30 minutes or after a password reset
  • Internationalization: Create your own key values for text displayed on the product. Eg: New Incident can be changed to New Ticket / New Request

Behavioral changes

  • Assign solution[s] to account[s] directly: No more topic groups
  • Global view and Asset View from the home page are moved to a separate page called Dashboard
  • When a merged request is split, it will be assigned a new request ID instead of re-using the old one
  • Purchase order will not automatically move to the 'closed' state when all items are received
  • The 'Approval Status' of a request will change to 'Rejected' only if all approvers have rejected the request

Issue fixed

  • MSPSDP-2461: Users are not populated when changing asset status to 'In Use' in some cases
  • MSPSDP-2553: LDAP authentication is not working
  • MSPSDP-2605: First response SLA is violated even if response is sent within the response due-by time
  • MSPSDP-2687: Unable to create an SDAdmin with 'Default Technician' enabled in MSSQL
  • MSPSDP-2700: Unable to edit a technician with a custom role if all sites are in refer setting
  • MSPSDP-2713: Month names in reports are sorted in alphabetical order and not by their logical [calendar] order
  • MSPSDP-2765: Site details are not set when importing assets using distributed asset scan
  • MSPSDP-2779: Remote support across networks is not working in Internet Explorer 8
  • MSPSDP-2784: Surveys are not sent if requests are set to close automatically
  • MSPSDP-2785: Business rule is not applied when editing a request even if the rule is configured to be executed when requests are created or edited
  • MSPSDP-2790: Windows domain scan is not working properly
  • MSPSDP-3105: Downloading attachments in chrome does not show the correct file name
  • MSPSDP-3121: A technician can reopen requests even if he doesn't have the permission to do so by changing the status from closed -> on hold -> open
  • MSPSDP-3512: A technician with a custom role who has permission to add a requester cannot see the option in 'Quick Actions'
  • MSPSDP-3527: Assigning a site to a workstation from workstation list view throws error
  • MSPSDP-3547: If pass-through authentication is enabled and AD settings are not saved, AD password is displayed on the UI
  • MSPSDP-3648: Adding a business rule with a lengthy criteria throws an error
  • MSPSDP-3885: If more than one requester's address is present in the TO field of an e-mail, the e-mail gets sent from MSP's outgoing e-mail address rather than the account's support e-mail address
  • MSPSDP-3963: Notification mails sent to requesters do not contain the account based URL
  • MSPSDP-3977: E-mail SPAM filter criteria matching is incorrect when matching 'CC' addresses
  • MSPSDP-4110: If all sites in an account are in refer default settings, when creating a business rule and choosing criteria, exception is thrown on the UI
  • MSPSDP-4254: When bulk-editing requests, if the site is changed, technician for those requests are set to 'Unassigned'