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Product Roadmaps

This is the ServiceDesk Plus MSP Roadmap page. This page provides an overview of the features which we are currently working and the tentative date of its availability. If you would like to see a new feature please explain the feature with an use case for our better understanding or vote on suggested features available here

Note: This is only a tentative schedule. The implementation of the feature set may vary based on internal priorities and time.

Roadmap Workflow

ServiceDesk Plus Roadmap

Work In Progress

In Testing

  • Customizable Web URL's for each Accounts - June 2015
  • IPhone App for Requester - June 2015
  • API for CTI Integration - June 2015

In Implementation


  • Support for license management of software suite.
  • Support for upgrade and downgrade license.
  • Detecting suite software installations automatically based on rule.
  • Support for site based software compliance.
  • Customiz able report for software.
  • Ability to purchase upgrade licenses from Purchase Order.
  • New enhanced UI is introduced in software details and list view page.
  • REST API for CMDB Module: API for performing add, update, read and delete CIs, relationships between CIs and creating CI Types.3


  • Update request status while replying to a request.
  • Ability to schedule OnHold requests to ReOpen at a specific time.
  • Ability to link requests with comments.
  • Featuring 'Request Trash' to recover deleted requests.
  • Reply Template can be customized to add variables.


  • Ability to create new service request from an incident request.
  • Service Request to Purchase Order association.
  • Service Category of Service Catalog can be changed while copying a Service Template.
  • Reordering the resources inside the service catalog is introduced.
  • Under Requester login, all the first level approvers configured in the service template in "Select Approver" field will be shown by default.
  • Feature to set "ReportingTo" or "Manager" field of users through CSV import based on "Reporting To Email" has been implemented.
  • "ReportingTo" or "Manager" field can be imported through scheduled CSV import has been implemented.


  • Enabling high speed Lucene search for request and solution module.
  • New button 'TODAY' in calendar to set current date
  • DashboardCustomization : Matrix reports & Charts of Custom report can be added to dashboard.
  • Marked task owner of the dependent task will be assigned once it's parent tasks are closed. Inline edit of task attributes under task list view provided. Dependent tasks will have a dependency icon before title under task list view. On-hovering the same the parent tasks will be highlighted under that list.


  • Multi-currency support in purchase order for procuring assets/services from different vendors who deal with different currencies.

In Design


  • New Change Management with Workflow, Stage and Status, Notifications, Change Roles, Change Template etc.
    • Change Template: Option to create multiple Change Templates and specify a workflow for each template.
    • Change Workflow: To represent the business change process as a workflow. Support for creating a normal template and an emergency template with each having its own workflow
    • Stage and Status: Six stages of Change path. Submission, Planning, Approval, Implementation, Review and Close. Each stage has their own status list.
    • Change Roles: Defining various change roles being played in the organization e.g Change Implementer, Analyzer, CAB Member, Line Manager, etc... Each role defined with scope on accessing various stages.
    • Notifications: Notifications based on status - Option to configure the roles to whom the notification should be sent when a change comes to a specific status

Others: Support for specifying the closure code, down times, impacted user and assets, reason for change and the risk involved in the change

Yet to start

Billing :

  • Device(Assets) based billing
  • WorkLog approval - Bill reports will be sent to a MSP technician who will verify the bills and then it will be forwarded to the Customers
  • Prepaid Billing
  • Multiple Contracts For an Account.
  • MSP related useful Features :
  • Executive Search (Search the tickets,solutions and so on per account)
  • Separate Tab for an Account to filter its related histories, Ticket inflow / Outflow, SLA met based on criteria and son.
  • Executive Dashboard(For Account Admin & SDAdmin) - How much money we are making from each client v/s how much resource are we spending for them?
  • Account manager dashboard - Dashboard for Requester to view all his accounts Data in one place.
  • Customizable Requester UI - Ability to control what Requester can see. For example :
    Restricting access to History,Solution and Restricting some fields in Request List View.
  • Ability to track OLA
  • In House Technician - Requester who has permission to Edit / Close / tickets of his account. This ticket will not be charged and the worklog added by this user will not be taken into consideration while billing.

Account Based Enhancements :

  • Separate tab for Account to filter Account related histories , tickets and so on..
  • Account based Default Templates
  • Account based Sub-Categories
  • Account based Surveys
  • Account based Purchase Order
  • Account based configuration(All Site configurations should refer to one site for that account). Account Based Notification Templates.
  • Account Based Backup Technician Configuration. and more

Iphone App Enhancements :

  • Phone calendar integration for calender-based notifications

Integrations :

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Various Invoicing tools
  • RMM tools integrations
  • MS Outlook and more..

General :

  • Dashboard customization
  • Account manager dashboard
  • High availability
  • Improving Performance and scalability

PS : If you would like to see a new feature please explain the feature with an use case for our better understanding or vote on suggested features available here.