ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 10.5 ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 9.2

ServiceDesk Plus MSP 10.5 brings you powerful features and enhancements that revitalizes your business and service desk productivity. Take advantage of the MSP Dashboard, Time Sheet, field service management, and more!
General Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Time Sheet

Users can add worklogs in a consolidated sheet, and log their overall time spent during a specific time period with an approval process

Home > Timesheet


Revamped UI

Provides a new look and feel for the user interface

Available in all three editions of ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Dashboard Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. MSP Business Dashboard

Provides visual stats on revenue, customer satisfaction, assets managed, inflow trends, SLA violations, and more for all accounts or individual accounts

Dashboard > MSP Business Dashboard

Integrations Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Field service management (integration with Google Maps and Zoho Maps)

Pin the geographical location of all sites, and locate the associated technicians for each account in the map view

Home > Maps

Requests Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Request Life Cycle

Configure the sequence of statuses and sequential actions (transitions) required to move from one status to another

Admin > Help desk Customizer > Request Life Cycle

2. Change account of a request

Technicians/administrators can change the account details of a request that's incorrectly logged

Requests > [request] > Actions > Change Account

3. Request details page revamp

Displays the revamped request details page that provides a clear, prioritized display of the request details

Available in all three editions

4. Shortcut key for making a call

Using this shortcut, technicians can call the requester from the request details page


5. MSP Requester

Enables MSP Requesters (vendors and third-party) to create tickets through email in other accounts

Admin > MSP Requester

6. System notifications enhancements

Specifies which users (ticket owner, requester, editor, approval sender, or point of contact) can receive system notifications on individual request approval options

Request Life Cycle > Notification (post action)

7. Search for requesters using email

Searches for requesters using an email address in the ApacheLucene search bar

Top-center, below the Billing tab

8. View total count of tasks

View the total count of tasks in the combined list view of requests and tasks

Click the horizontal ellipsis icon at the bottom-right corner of the task list

Admin Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. HelpdeskConfig Role

Perform all request-related configurations across the product

Admin > MSP Details > Roles

2. Point of Contact (PoC) Role

Assign a single source of contact between the managed service provider and the account

Admin > MSP Details > Roles

3. Scan attachments

Scan attachments before they're uploaded to the MSP Portal

Available in all three editions

4. Custom notification enhancement

Select Account Managers in custom notification rules

Available in all three editions

5. Request Closing Wizard enhancement

Show a prompt to the technician while closing a request to fill out mandatory fields

Admin > Request Closing Rules

Assets Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Remove software installation

Remove the software installation from the users' IT assets

Assets > Software > Software Details page

Solutions Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Solution Expiry and Periodic Review

Set the solution expiration and periodic review date based on their nature and relevance

Solutions > + New

Service Catalog Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Approver configuration enhancement
  • Configure the Stage II approvers without configuring the Stage I approvers
  • Only name and email will be displayed while adding a new approval stage for a service request

Admin > Service Catalog > Service Template > Workflow

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