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> > Business Rules

Business Rules

Classify, Organize and Assign tickets at your convenience

When you have a ton of tickets and a small help desk team, here's an easy way to handle the tickets. ServiceDesk Plus allows you to classify, categorize, group, prioritize, assign and dispatch incoming tickets based on preset rules and alert technicians when a business rule is executed. It also allows you to automate handling of repetitive tasks saving valuable time and effort.

Available on
Standard Professional Enterprise

"SDP is perfect. Simple yet fully supportive with technician auto assign being very helpful"

Omar Abdullah Al Doori
  • Business Rules

    ServiceDesk Plus - Business Rules

  • View site specific business rules

  • Set your desired criteria and action mechanism to establish new business rules

  • Notify technicians either by email or sms when a business rule is executed

  • Enable or disable cascade execution and also choose to override customer request values with business rule values

Features & Benefits

  • Send SMSs or emails to alert your technicians instantly when new tickets are raised
  • Assign ticket to your technicians based on preset rules thereby saving them time and effort
  • Enable cascade option to check successive business rules and execute all those that match with the inbound ticket
  • Let your technician determine whether to retain end user values or override them with their own during ticket creation
Help desk software available in 29 different languages and is used by more than 95,000 companies, across 186 countries, to manage their IT help desk and assets.

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