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ServiceDesk Plus over ServiceNow.
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100,000+ service desk deployments.

In 10 years, ServiceDesk Plus has helped more than 100,000 service desks worldwide organize their IT. More than 750,000 technicians trust ServiceDesk Plus to help them deliver better service and achieve ITSM excellence.

Choice of on-premise or cloud.

ServiceDesk Plus is available on-premise and in the cloud. This means you can choose the version that best suits your IT service desk needs. Want to start with on-premise and move to the cloud later? ManageEngine offers seamless migration of help desk ticket data and knowledge bases, so you can make the move and still avoid downtime.

Expansive set of ITSM essentials.

ServiceDesk Plus comes with solid functionality that makes your ITSM tick. We keep your IT service desk responsive and effective with comprehensive incident, knowledge, problem, change, project, and asset management, as well as CMDB modules. You can easily manage your IT service desk operations while your agents optimize their productivity.

Code-free customization.

We know that "one size fits all" is a myth. In reality, you'll probably have to move mountains (or spend a mountain of cash) to make your ITSM application fit into your environment. Not with ServiceDesk Plus. Our intuitive, drag-and-drop GUI lets you quickly create custom forms and templates to meet your needs. No separate or specialized customization resource is required.

Flexible subscription.

ServiceDesk Plus is also available as a subscription service, in addition to the on-premise model, so you can buy a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual plan based on your budget. And you're free to modify your plan, on your terms, at any time. Need to upgrade or downgrade your subscription? Switch from a monthly to a yearly plan or vice versa? Scale your technicians up or down? No problem. And there are no switching or early termination fees.

Faster enterprise service management.

With enterprise service management in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud, creating a unique service desk instance for each of your departments (such as HR, finance, travel, and legal) takes less than 60 seconds. Enjoy features tailored to your needs, such as flexible licensing, custom integrations to move requests between instances, a customizable shared portal for all instances, and different URLs for each instance.

Cost-effective ITSM for every IT team , big and small.

ServiceDesk Plus's transparent pricing is published on the ManageEngine website for you to see and compare. ServiceDesk Plus's prices are among the industry's most competitive, and customers with various budgets have seen unparalleled returns on their investment.

Service desk that expands into an ITSM suite.

ServiceDesk Plus is an integral component of the ManageEngine IT management software suite, covering the entire gamut of enterprise IT management. Native integrations with desktop, Active Directory, and monitoring applications make ServiceDesk Plus one of the industry's most comprehensive ITSM solution.

Rapid start implementation.

You can set up ServiceDesk Plus with little or no professional help. That's what most of our customers do, thanks to its out of the box functionality and ease of customization. Depending on your IT environment's size and process maturity, you can take it live in a matter of days or weeks. That includes implementing all of the major process modules, such as incident, knowledge, problem, change, and asset management.

Clarity of user interface.

The ServiceDesk Plus user interface prizes clarity over clutter. End users find the interface intuitive, simple, and easy to use. The layout is purposeful. Elements are consistent and clearly communicate hierarchy. The learning curve is minimal, and agents are able to work with speed and efficiency.

All SaaS, from sign-up to service desk.

SaaS success is all about immediate online access. With ServiceDesk Plus, you have a complete online experience, from signing up for a free 30-day trial to completing your purchase and any product support you may need. You can manage your subscription (switch editions, modify subscription period, change agent and asset count details) right from your browser.

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What customers are saying
"Things I like about the ServiceDesk plus team: constant support, the updates, the hotfixes, and the team is highly responsive. If I call with an issue, they will see if it's been logged already. If it is logged, they'll come back with a hotfix number and when it's going to be released; they'll really work with you to get the functionality you're looking for."

James Arnold, service desk manager,

Manhattan Associates

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