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Help Desk Reports

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ServiceDesk Plus Reports provides it all

ServiceDesk Plus has everything that you require to generate helpdesk reports. ServiceDesk Plus Reports lets you customize reports that meet your needs, schedule routine reports periodically, and also mail and export reports into pdf, xls, csv and html formats. Apart from this, there are predefined out-of-the-box reports that generate report details instantly.

The Predefined Ready-to-Use Reports

ServiceDesk Plus provides over 150 ready-to-use reports that generate report details at once. The predefined reports are classified under specific helpdesk activities such as,

  • Reports by All Requests
  • Reports by SLA Violation Report
  • Reports by All Problems
  • Reports on Pending Problems
  • Reports by All Changes
  • Reports on Pending Changes
  • Survey Reports
  • Workstation Summary Report
  • Audit Reports, to name a few.

Each category has reports based on Department, Level, Mode, Priority, Requester and Technician.

Customizing Reports

Create reports that meet your needs if you are unable to find them from the predefined out-of-the-box reports list.

  • Custom Reports
    Customize and generate reports for any module say, Requests, Survey, Problem, Software and so on. Run reports as Tabular, Matrix or Summary reports and also, pick the display columns, set the criteria and filtering options.
  • Query Reports
    Run reports on defining query by using different tables from a module in the Query Editor. Get the table schema for any modules say, Incident Requests, Problems, Changes, Resources or Software in the application.

Scheduling Reports

Schedule routine reports to generate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, on a specific date and time. You can choose to schedule the predefined reports or custom reports, and have them mailed to the concern authority in pdf, xlx, csv or html formats