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Webinar: Turn your service desk into a hub of innovation

What can I learn

  • Innovation in the context of an IT service desk.
  • Opportunities for innovation in your service desk.
  • Possible deterrents of innovation in your service desk.
  • Making sure you have all the right tools for innovation.

Who should watch?

  • IT service desk teams looking for ways to improve existing processes.
  • IT heads and teams who are involved in creating value from their IT service desk.
  • Sysadmins who are looking for quick hacks to provide quicker resolution.
  • IT leadership teams that want to build a culture of innovation in their service desk.

Objective of the webinar

According to a PWC report, 93 percent of executives indicate that organic growth through innovation will drive most of their revenue growth. However, many businesses fail to recognize that their service desks provide great opportunities for innovation and business transformation. In this webinar, we'll show by example how you can leverage your service desk to lead your business toward innovation.

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