ServiceDesk Plus

    Change Scan Credentials for IT Assets


    You can change scan credentials for bulk of assets. You can do so using the following options: Domain Mode Scan, Network Mode Scan & Credential Mode Scan.


    To change scan credentials,

    1. Click Assets tab in the header pane. This opens the Assets Home page.

    2. Click IT Assets under Assets block on the left hand side of the page. Select the respective IT asset link. e.g. Workstation, Access points, Printers and so on. This opens the corresponding IT asset page.

    3. Select the IT Assets for which the scan credentials have to be changed and click Actions combo box -->Change Scan Credential option. This opens the corresponding pop-up.

    4. Select Device Type (available options: Windows OS, Other OS, SNMP Supported Devices and VMWare Devices)

    5. Choose Scan Mode. Available Options: Domain Mode, Network Mode (or) Use Credentials

    6. Select Scan Credential from drop down

    7. Save it

    Scan Using Agent  

    • While scanning Windows Workstations alone, we recommend the use of Scan Using Agent option
    • Ensure Agent has been installed when enabling Scan Using Agent checkbox
    • When Scan Using Agent checkbox is selected, the Choose Credential tabs will not be available


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