ServiceDesk Plus

    Edit IT Asset


    To edit the resource details,

    1. Click the Assets tab -> select the IT Assets link on the left hand side of the page. This opens the list view page of the IT assets.

    2. Click the title of the IT asset to be edited. This opens the Asset details page.

    3. Click Edit button on the top right hand side of the page (OR)

      Click the Actions combo box next to the edit resource button -> select the Edit option. This opens the Edit Asset page.

    4. Edit the Asset Details block such as Product Name, Asset Name, Tag, Serial No, Bar Code, Vendor Name, Cost, Acquisition Date, Site, Expiry Date, and Location.

    5. Modify the Asset State details such as, Current usage status of the assets like In Use, In Repair and so on. For assets in use, you can Re-associate the asset to other asset or Re-Assign it to other User or Department.

      Note: The assets, users and the departments can be searched by typing the respective characters in the dropdown searchbox. Enter more characters to get the exact result. To know how to include email id's, names, loginnames, employee id's along with the user name in the user dropdown, click here.

    6. Update the changes. You can see the assets details getting updated.









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