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    Recommending Change by CAB


    The Change Advisory Board (CAB) is a body that exists to recommend changes and to assist Change Management in the assessment and prioritize of changes. As and when a CAB is convened, its members should be chosen who are capable of ensuring that all changes are adequately assessed from both the business and technical viewpoint. A technician or a requester can be a CAB member based on the organization structure.


    General Work Flow for approving a change

    • The CAB should be convened for a change. The CAB members can differ for each change. The CAB member can be a requester or a technician whoever is capable to asses from both the business and technical viewpoint.

    • Once the CAB is convened the change should be sent to the CAB members for recommendation.

    • The technician whoever receiving the change or assigned a change will be the owner of the change and he will send the change for recommendation to the CAB.

    • If the change is recommended by the CAB members, the CHANGE MANAGER should approve the change. The change manager can approve or reject the change irrespective of the recommendation of the CAB.  

    • Only the approved change will be taken further by the technician to take necessary steps.

    To add CAB members and send for recommendation,

    1. Log in to ServiceDesk Plus application using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Changes tab. This opens the Change List view page.

    3. Click the Title of the change which you need to send for recommendations. This opens the change details page.

    4. Click the Approvals tab. You have to add CAB members, and send the change for recommendation. The CAB members has the authorization to recommend the change.

    To Add CAB Members

    1. Click the Add CAB Member button.

    2. Select the CAB from the combo box.

    3. Select the members list for the committee. The selected members will be responsible for approving the changes.

    4. Save the changes. You will get a confirmation message saying members added to the CAB successfully.

    Send the change for Recommendation

    1. Click Send for Recommendation button to send the change for approval to the CAB members. Only the members of the CAB can recommend a change. This opens the submit change for approval page.

    2. If the e-mail id is already configured for the CAB members then the Id would get automatically get listed in the To text field. This is a mandatory field. If the mail id is not configured refer Configuring Technicians.

    3. Specify the Subject in the given text field. This is a mandatory field.

    4. Specify the Description about the change in the given text field.

    5. Send the mail to the CAB members for approval. Once the mail is sent the CAB members would get a mail with the link to the form to approve the changes as shown below.

    "Administrator has requested your recommendations for this Change - Change Cards in the Server. Click here to view Change details http://shawnadams/approval/Approve.jsp?ITEMID=2&MODULE=Change&KEY=21187331524593&USERID=4 "

    1. Click the link in the mail to open the form as shown below,

    1. Select Approve Recommend or Reject radio button based on the change details listed below the form.

    2. Specify the Comments in the given text field.

    3. Save the changes.


    Recommending the change directly from the Approval page

    If you are a member of the CAB after logging into ServiceDesk Plus, you can recommend the change from the Approvals tab using the Approve and Reject buttons.


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