Change Workflow related FAQs


1. Who can change the Change Stage at any point of time?

If the logged-in technician is the assigned CM (Change Manager) or CO (Change Owner) of the given change, then he/she can edit the RFC (Request for Change) Form Fields including Stage/Status at any given time. However remember that a SDChangeManager too has rights to edit stage/status of change and can do so incase a Change Manager/Change Owner has not been exclusively assigned for the given change.

2. Who can edit Change Roles at any given time? 

If logged-in technician is the assigned CM (Change Manager) or CO (Change Owner) of the given change, then he/she can edit (or reassign) roles at any stage. However remember that a SDChangeManager too can edit the change roles at any given stage and can do so incase a Change Manager/Change Owner has not been exclusively assigned for the change.

3. Who can approve the change in the Change Approval stage?

Technician should possess the Change Manager or Change Approver role for the given change in order to approve it in the approval stage. Non technicians (users) too can be assigned with the Change Approver role.

4. What is the scope of SDChangeManager?

SDChangeManager is the one with absolute control over the entire change module. A role designated to supervise the entire change module, SDChangeManger can also operate on all changes (or) can choose to work only on Changes that do not have exclusive Change Manager/Change Owner.

5. What about users with System Role: edit permissions? What rights will they have?

These users will not have the rights to move change from one stage to another.

6. Regarding Change List/Calendar view

In Change List view /Calendar View:

7. Regarding Change related Reports:

Completed Changes report will list only the close-completed changes alone.

8. When is the completed time of change logged?

Completed Time is logged in two cases: close-completed and close-canceled.

9. What if user is not associated to the site, but he/she plays role in the change?

Site restricted technicians can view their assigned changes even though they are not asociated to the site.( Due to the SystemRole: Technicians allowed to view Assigned to him (OR) All in associated sites options)

10. How can I change the status of a change?

Following menus can be used to change the status of a change:

11. What are the operations work based on other module's permission?

Following operations are allowed without stage scope restriction but module based scope permissions i.e Edit Requests, Edit Problem.

12. When worklog can be added?

Worklog can be added at any point of time irrespective of whatever stage the Change is in, but the concerned technician should have Edit Change or Edit Implementation Stage permissions..

13.On what basis is the user list generated while users are being assigned with change roles?

User listing happens as per Site Configurations:

14. How does the pre approval change mechanism work?

Pre approved logic:

15. What are the points to be noted for Non Login View?

16. How can I configure workflow for my custom status?

A custom status which has 'Action Name' defined will be listed in change workflow configuration section where user can configure workflow for the custom status.

17. Editing Site field and Selecting Change Owner?

After editing site field from Submission tab, a page refresh is required to list site based technicians.( under Change Roles section )

18.When new Change ticket is created, change manager doesn't receive an email about the new request.

Do the following to solve this:

19. How to create a change with the Status to go straight to Planning in Progress 

Preconfigure the change template such that the change begins with Planning/Planning in Progress as the intial stage/status (To preconfigure change template, go to Admin==>Problem/ChangeManagment==>Change Template )

20. How can I by pass the CAB section? In other words, how can I set the ticket as pre-approved once created?

Preapproved changes will by pass the CAB section.

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