ServiceDesk Plus

    Import CIs from CSV file

    You can import Configuration Items (CIs) recorded in a CSV file using the "Import CIs from CSV File" option. This easy-to-use import option in ServiceDesk Plus allows you to import the CI information from the existing database, as well as from other applications.

    Steps to Import

    1. Click CMDB tab in the header pane. The page displays all availabe CIs.

    2. Click Import >> CIs from CSV option. The CI Import Wizard is displayed. 

    Locate CSV file:

    3. Select the CI Type (say, Server) for which the CIs should be imported.

    4. Click the Choose File button to locate the CSV file.  

    5. Click Submit.  




    6. The column headers in the uploaded CSV file are displayed in drop down boxes as shown below.


    Customize Mapping:

    7. Select the date format to represent all the date fields. Remember, all the date fields in the CSV file should be of the same format.

    8. Choose the appropriate column headers for the fields displayed. For example, if you have selected the CI Type as Server, specify the Asset Details by selecting from the respective combo boxes. The columns in CSV file are populated in the select boxes beside each field label (Refer the above screenshots). 

    9. Click Import button. The details of the CIs from CSV are imported.

    On completion, the result is shown with details like the number of records added and overwritten, and the number of records failed to import.


    i) If the CI Type chosen is a parent and if a CI row in the CSV file corresponds to sub CI Type, then the same can be mapped during customize mapping.

    ii) The sub CI Type specified in the CSV file should already be configured in the application.   

    iii) If existing CIs are imported again under a different CI Type, then the CIs are grouped under the new CI Type.

    iv) If there are any failure records while importing the CIs, do not re-import the same CSV file. Instead, download the "FailedCIsList.csv" file available in the Imported Result page, correct the errors and then import to avoid duplicate CIs.   


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