ServiceDesk Plus

    Agentless Mode


    As the name suggests, the Agentless mode does not involve any client side software installed in the host. Instead, the agent-less mode uses a built-in agent such as WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) installed in each Windows machines to scan the inventory details and to access the workstation remotely.

    The agentless mode is most appropriate for small organization where the network is less complex and does not involve installing, upgrading and maintaining an additional software program on each machine.


    Credentials for Scans

    NOTE: Please note that the agentless supports only 'Windows' platform.


    Communication Protocol

    Login Credentials



    WMI  (Supports only Windows platform)


    Credentials of Domain Controller.


    TCP 135, 445 and one random port greater than 1024.


    Configuring RPC and DCOM Settings


    The accessibility of the data using WMI is controlled by the RPC and DCOM settings which should be configured in the workstations.


    For Windows Firewall and DCOM option 

    1. Download the file scan_setup.txt

    2. Copy the file as "scan_setup.vbs" in the target workstation.

    3. Execute the script using Cscript from command prompt as follows:  
      DIR_OF_SCRIPT_FILE> CSCRIPT scan_setup.vbs

    4. Restart the workstation.

    NOTE: This script can also be configured as Logon Script in the Domain Controller, to configure Firewall for all computers in the domain. Click here to know more.



    Pros and Cons of Agentless mode


    Agentless scan pros:

    1. Does not involve an agent to be installed, upgraded and maintained in each workstation.

    Agentless scan cons:

    1. The DCOM and RPC settings should be configured.

    2. More number of ports used when compared with agent mode.

    3. ServiceDesk Plus server should be installed in a Windows machine to scan windows workstations/servers.


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