ServiceDesk Plus

    Workstation/Device Scan


    If a new workstation/device is added in your network, and you wish to scan only the newly added workstation instead of the entire network, you can specify the workstation/device credentials and scan.

    You can scan workstations/devices using Domain Mode or Network Mode or by just configuring Scan Credentials.


    Scanning Workstation(s)/Device(s) Individually

    1. Log into ServiceDesk Plus using your credentials

    2. Click Assets Tab --> Choose Workstation/Device link (from IT Assets block)
    3. Select Workstation/Device from Asset ListView

    4. Click Scan Now button

    5. individual_scan
    6. Configure Scan Credentials box opens up

    7. Specify Device Type, Scan Mode and the Scan Credentials

    8. Click Save (or) Save and Scan Now (for immediate scanning)

    9. configure_credentials

    Selecting Device Type

    1. Following Workstations/Devices can be scanned:

      • Windows Machines

      • Linux, Mac, Solaris and AIX Machines

      • SNMP Supported Network Devices (Printer, Router, Switch etc.,)

      • VMWare Devices

    Selecting Scan Mode and Scan Credentials

    1. Select Scan Mode (Domain Mode, Network Mode or Use Credentials)

    2. Select Device Type (Workstations, SNMP and VMWare devices)

    3. For Domain Mode, select the desired Domain/Workgroup from the available list

    4. For Network Mode, select the desired Network from the available list

    5. To Use Credentials, select the desired Credentials from the available list

    6. Click Save and Scan Now


    Windows Agent Based Scanning

    While scanning windows machines we recommend the usage of windows agent for scanning purpose. To deploy windows agent do the following:

    1. Select Scan Using Agent checkbox

    2. Click Save (or) Save and Scan now (for immediate scanning)



    In case of Windows Agent hasn't been configured already, do the following:

    • Click Question Mark Icon besides Scan Using Agent checkbox and you'll be navigated to Windows Agent Configuration page
    • Deploy Agent as suggested in the page and select it while configuring Scan Credentials


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