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    Notification Rules

    You can set notification rules for Requests, Problems, Changes and Solutions modules. To set the notification rules, select the relevant check boxes beside each of the statements listed and click save. You can also customize the email template of the notification rules, if required. You can achieve this by clicking the Customize template link beside the required statement. The Message Template settings are shown, where you can edit the notification subject and message by adding or deleting variables in the required block. 
    You can select a few Technicians, whom you wish to notify as soon as a new request is created. To do this select the either of the following check boxes:

      • Notify technician(s) by email when a new request is created.
      • Notify technician(s) by sms when a new request is created. 

    For all modules, notifications will not be sent to the logged in Technician.

    • Say, for notification like, "Alert Technician by Email when a request is assigned.", if a Technician picks up a request then a notification will not be sent to the Technician.
    • Similarly, for notifications like "Alert the following technicians by email when a new request is created", notifications will not be sent to the logged in Technician if he is included in the notify list.  

    Steps to set Notification rules

    1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus application using the user name and password of an admin user.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. Under the Organizational Details block, click Notification Rules. The below wizard is displayed:

    4. By default, all notifications are sent in Rich text formatting. Click the Plain Text format button to convert all the notifications into Plain text format.

    5. Click the appropriate tabs to configure for Request, Problem, Change, Solution, Tasks, Projects and Mobile Push Notification modules. 

    6. To enable or disable any of the notification rules, select or de-select the check box beside each of the rules.

      To receive push notifications in the IOS Application installed in your device, configure the mobile push notification module accordingly.

      [Note: If proxy servers are used in the organization ,then make sure that the proxy settings are configured. To configure the proxy settings,click here].

    7. For certain notifications you need to select the technicians who need to be notified when a new request is created.  

      • Click Choose button.

      • Select the Technicians from the list of Technicians is displayed in a pop-up window.

      • For multiple selections, press Shift or Ctrl key and then select the Technicians.

      • Click OK.

      • The selected technicians get listed in the text box beside the Choose technician(s) button.

    8. Click Save

    Steps to Customize the Message Template

    You can customize the message template for each of the notifications.

    1. Click Customize Template link beside the notification for which you wish to modify the content that is being sent. 


    2. You can change the subject and the message content by typing the text of your choice and also adding other variables that you wish to display as a part of the subject or message content. To add more variables, just click the corresponding variable from the list box beside the respective field.

    3. When a new request is created by the requester, an acknowledgement mail will be sent to the requester with top 3 announcements and solutions related to that request.

      To configure the message to be sent in the acknowledgement mail, click Request tab under Notification Rules.

      In the Requester Notifications, select the check box to Acknowledge requester by e-mail when a new request is received. The message to be sent can be entered by clicking Customize template.

      On clicking Customize Template,the Message field appears. Choose Auto Suggest from the list of content variables available.

      On hovering over the Auto Suggest field,the default text displayed in place of $AutoSuggest will be displayed .


      To edit the message ,click on the edit icon present next to Auto Suggest .The following dialogue box appears. Enter the required text and click Save .


    Junk Mail Notification

    Junk Notification Filters prevents unwanted acknowledgements or notifications being sent to requesters / technicians when an information mail reaches the help desk. These mails are not requests and do not require any action to be taken.

    Say, acknowledgement email like Out of Office replies, notifications that bounce back when the mail destination is not reachable (because of a wrong mail address) can be stopped from being acknowledged or notified. 

    To define a Junk Mail Notification,

    1. Click Edit Criteria link.

    2. Define a rule by selecting the criteria and condition from the drop down combo list.

    3. Click Choose.

    4. Enter the value in the field provided. Click Save.

    5. Click Add to Rule.

    6. You can either match all of the following (AND) or match any of the following (OR) criteria. Select an appropriate radio button.

    7. Click Save.

    You can also edit or delete the criteria on clicking the appropriate icon.


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