ServiceDesk Plus

    Helpdesk Customizer


    The Helpdesk Customizer lets you configure the helpdesk settings before the request module is opened for real time functioning of fetching the customer support mails and tracking the same.


    Customizing the Request Form

    The new request form is highly customizable and can be configured to suit the needs of your organization. You can add your own values to be set for the Category, Priority, Level, and Mode of the request. By default, these configurations will have some values. You can delete them and add new values, or you can edit them to suit your needs. If you want to set the priority of a request automatically, you can do so using the Priority Matrix. The Priority Matrix enables to determine the priority of a request based on the Impact and Urgency.

    Apart from this, you can also add your own custom fields for the new request form. Using the custom fields, you can collect organization specific information for getting a better and clearer idea about the reported issue. The custom fields are of three types: Text field, Numeric field and Date/Time field.

    A variety of templates can be configured and stored in ServiceDesk Plus. You can customize templates for frequently raised Incidents, common Resolutions, repeated Tasks and repetitive response to requests. Incident Templates enables you to customize individual forms for the most frequently raised request like, printer problem or mail fetching problem. The fields can be pre-filled with values so that an incident request can be raised instantly.

    Finally, through Service Catalog, you can portrait the wide range of services offered by your IT department to the end-users. Users can easily browse through the services, raise requests instantly and monitor their status thereon.


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