ServiceDesk Plus

    Request Closing Rules


    Request closing rules can be used to select the mandatory fields to be filled in by the technicians while closing the requests. You can also use it to confirm user acknowledgement to the technician and close requests either manually or automatically.


    To preset the request closing rules,

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus application using the user name and password of an admin user.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the Helpdesk Customizer block, click Request Closing Rules. This opens Request Closing Rules page.

    4. Select the mandatory fields for closing the request from the list by enabling the check box.


    Confirm User Acknowledgement

    On closing the request, the resolution is acknowledged by the requester through mail (if the option is enabled in Notification Rules). If you want to prompt a confirmation message to the technician asking if user has acknowledged the resolution then enable Yes, prompt a message radio button, else enable No, don't prompt a message radio button.


    Request Closing Process


    Manual Closing   

      1. If you would like to close the request manually select the Manual radio button.

      2. Save the changes. On resolving the request each time you have to close the request manually.

    Automatic Close

      1. Select the Automated Close radio button to close the request automatically.

    In the automatic mode,

        • An email is sent to the requester when the Request is put in Resolved state

        • The Requester can Close the Request with the close link given or Re-open the Request by replying to the mail.

        • If the Requester takes no action the Request will be closed after the number of days specified in the combo box.

      1. Select the close resolved request after n number of days from the combo box. After the selected number of days the resolved requests will be closed automatically if the requester does not take any action.

      2. Save the details.

    Example: If you have selected Resolution as a mandatory field, then the technician fixing the problem, should enter the reason and solution for the problem in the resolution text field before closing the request, else an error message pops up asking you to enter the details in the resolution field. If Yes, prompt a message radio button is enabled then, a confirmation message is prompted to the concerned technician if user has acknowledged the resolution.   


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