ServiceDesk Plus

    Change Advisory Board


    The Change Advisory Board (CAB) is a body that exists to approve changes and to assist Change Management in the assessment and priorities of changes. The members of the CAB are selected based on their expertise and capability to assess change adequately from business and technical point of view.


    To add new a CAB, 

    1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus application using the user name and password.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the Problem/Change Management block, click Change Advisory Board. The Change Advisory Board (CAB) page opens.

    4. Click New CAB button to open the Add CAB page.

    5. Specify the Name of the CAB in the given text field. It is a mandatory field.

    6. Specify the Description of the CAB in the description field.

    7. Click Add CAB Member icon dropdown_list to select the members for the CAB. The list of users appears in a pop up window. If the list is vast, select the number of users to be listed in a page from Show page drop down box. You can navigate to the next and previous pages using the navigation options.

    8. Select the members of the CAB from the users list by enabling the check box beside their name and clicking Add CAB Member button.

    9. The selected Members in this CAB are listed in the Add CAB page. You can delete a CAB Member on selecting the delete icondeleteiconbeside their name.

    10. Click Save to save the CAB details and return to the list view.

    11. Click Save and Add New button to save the CAB and add another CAB.


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