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    Change Additional Fields


    You have pre-defined fields by default in the New Change form to enter the change details in the form. If you need any additional fields in the New Change form then, you can add your own additional fields using this option.  You can add text, numeric and date/time fields in the form.


    To add change additional fields,

    1. In the Problem/Change Management block, click the Change Additional Fields iconRequester - Additional Field Icon.

    2. This opens the Change Additional Fields page. You can add three types of fields: text, numeric and date/time.

    3. To add the text fields, enter the label name in the form fields beside Label field. If required, enter the description for the field.

    4. You can choose the type of text field to be added from the following radio buttons:

      • A Single-line text field allowing you to add a text field with single line.

      • The Multi-line text field allowing you to add a text with multiple lines.

      • A Pick List allowing you to add a list menu from which you can select the desired option. In all the three cases, you can add default values for the text field in the space provided for the same.

    5. To add items for the pick list, enter the value in the text filed and click Add Item. To set a default value for the list, click on the value in the list and save it.

    6. To add numeric fields, click the Numeric tab and then enter the label name (and description) in the form fields provided for the same.

    7. To add date/time fields, click the Date/Time tab and enter the required details.

    8. Click Save.

    These added additional change fields will appear in the Drag and Drop section of the current Default Change Template and they can be added onto the change template through drag and drop.


    Deleting Change Additional Fields

    To delete the user-defined fields, access the field-to-be-deleted >> delete the respective label name >> click Save. The respective fields that you deleted will be removed from the existing change templates.


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